Few artists in the music industry weather they are independent or mainstream, all have one thing in common: a formula they follow in order to ensure their music reaches its fullest potential. This does not imply, however, that they all follow the same recipe. Sometimes (and really all the time) artists will struggle for as many as 5+ years just to figure out what aspects of their career are causing them to struggle. As times have changed, so has the mountain high climb to the top of the music game. In this week's article, we will be discussing 5 major tips to get your music heard on a massive scale. 

The first key to understanding how to get your music heard is to understand why you should do so in the first place. What may come to mind is financial revenue. If you don't know already, attention = currency these days. Social media platforms have become outlets for average people to capitalize off their abilities by sharing with thousands of visionaries around the world. In music, it's no different. Your plays are a factor into how much money you make in your career so why not make the most of it? Another thing is that music inspires people which means you inspire. Sure, you don't think about it now but the impact your music has/will have on generations is no small feat. It's important to recognize your art as a gift to the world which has potential to change lives. The more people hear it, the more lives you might save! Of course not every artist out there is aiming to be a so-called "savior" to their fans. We'd like to thank Yeezus for that. Inevitably someone out there is probably betting their last dollar on the success of your art simply because of how it's made them feel. Not all super heroes wear capes. 

Now that we've covered why optimizing your music is so important, it's time to get down to the real  business: How in the world can a small independent artist gain loyal listeners?

1. Blogs 

A music blog is probably the most accessible and effective way to promote your music to a wide range of listeners. For example, our blog provides opportunities for artists to showcase their music through our submissions page.  Not every blog is worth it or trustworthy so be sure to do your research on which blogs are guaranteed to get you some plays for your music. A good way to ensure a blog will accept your submission or even consider it is to have some kind of template that requires you to post everything most promotions ask for. Quality is everything at the end of the day so try to be as professional as possible and don't come off as desperate because in reality, you're the reason the blog exists to begin with. Set the price for your product and sell, sell, sell!

2. Social Media 
As mentioned before, attention becomes currency once you reach a certain level of reputability or what some may call "clout". The objective of gaining followers on social media takes on a different meaning as an artist. You want people to follow you to get a better understanding of the kind of person you are behind the scenes. Having a good reputation along with interesting quality content can go a long way; especially if you find yourself having a contradiction between your music and Instagram posts.  While you can't exactly monetize your social media per-say, you can definitely use it to your full advantage by posting at optimum times of the day for more interactive posts. Check out your own sources as well if you feel the need to market a specific outlet.


3. Team Effort 

This is a hit-or-miss detail but our research suggests collaborating together in groups of 2 or more betters your chances of working at an efficient and quality pace. Don't slack and expect people to pick up all of the dirty work for you. Instead share the load amongst trusted colleagues who you know have no intentions outside of business gratification to work with you. This way you won't have to second guess their intentions and create with ease.Time is money so the less of it you spend trying to catch up on all the minuscule details of what goes into your craft, the more you have to enjoy what you do while still reaping the benefits of financial gain or other necessities. 

4. Playlists 

This may or may not come by surprise but all your favorite music streaming outlets posses a powerful tool to help you maximize your viewers listening lists. Yes. We are talking about playlists. If you have ever met, known, or been a DJ/MC common knowledge to you would be to curate a meaningful playlist to celebrate (or not) the moment of your day. Spotify users in particular are aware of the vital reasons to have a settling playlist for everyday enjoyment. Search 3 of your favorite artists and look at what playlists they're under. More music you enjoy might happen to appear under that genre. Pay attention to which playlists are popular on any music streaming service to begin working your way into gaining a large number or listeners simply because of relatable taste. Spark The Dope has a special curated playlist for worldwide dope artists.  Take a listen then consider submitting your music to be included!

5. Word To Mouth 

There's nothing like raw connection with friends and other supporters of your music. Showing love to the ones who accept you unconditionally could be the beginning of a legendary story left behind for others to share for years to come. Otherwise as mentioned before, it's best to reduce the stress of reaching out to the world by your own terms. Certainly if you have the means, seriously recognize the value of each relationship you have and continue to expand it as you deem comfortable. Eventually, all efforts will naturally become worthy once you realize how practically overwhelming yet nourishing  it is to have so many people love your music because of who you are behind the scenes. Showcase yourself in a positive light frequently to attract positive interaction on a consistent basis! Most importantly, love what you do. 

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