Aktive and Impactive

Written By Monte Hieke 

We on that HipRock! 19 year old Sir HipRock aka AlmightyMansa recently followed up his monstrous project “YDKM 2”. The artist who is known to drop consistently with projects, visuals, and bangers, garnered well over 1,000,000 streams on SoundCloud alone just last year, having projects “High Summer 3”, “19inastu”, & “GleeshRoxk” with D Peso under his belt. Appearing to take some time off, rocking shows, and a few visuals after the release of his last project until the release of “Late Nights”. Those who listen to Sir HipRock know of his work ethic and whenever he releases new music it typically leads to something big. Though “YDKM 2” was a display of the artist’s star like quality in the DMV, it appears his latest release “Really Aktive” is more skill oriented. The young artist doesn’t appear to let up for a second through out with lyrical skill or charisma. 12 tracks strong the project has a multitude of features this time around from Liteease, Baby Slime, Labi, 4manuno, Lil Vision, with production from FendFlip, Liteease and guest appearances from long time collaborators SxnnyBrim & ABBJosh.

(Performing: Sir HipRock Right of him: Sxnny Brim

Sir HipRock is a phenom unlike any other developing a flow that can fit on any beat seemingly with ease. His unorthodox rhyme scheme is only pushed further on this project. The tracks “Struggle Muzik”, “Bringin’ It Back”, and “Fight Night” are prime examples, showing cerebral execution over more traditional R&B/Hip-Hop beats. Sir HipRock is a rapper’s rapper, not only being able to rep where he’s from through style and cadence but having the bars to back it up. When you think he’s in a box he guides you to a new viewpoint with tracks like “Walk”, “Waze”,and “IDK” which features a stand out verse from Sxnny Brim. Other stand out features come from Baby Slime on “No Reason”, & 4manuno throughout the project shows up to show out!

Notable Tracks & Lyrics:  

Struggle Muzik: 

Let me tell y’all niggas a story about a real  


I ain’t really f*ckin wit n*ggas  

that ain’t even focused on figures  

I’m posted up in the trenches  

I ain’t really takin pictures  

Stuck in a crab bowl  

Lot of n*ggas ain’t wit it” 


He ain’t wit no action 

he just thought this whole life was scripted  

we breaking down codes everyday 

we found the encryption”  

“I got homies in the cell  

they just used to watching walls  

I can’t even trust my day one 

he just want to see me fall” 


I’m in the game like Pooch Hall” 


Thinking I was ready  

put my suit on going to the casket 

Look down seen bro  

shit I couldn’t have it”  


The opps lives  

we gone grab it 

they said they was smoking on bro? 

I’m a let this s*t blow!”  

This the type of pain you feel  

when you 19 and gangsta” 

We ain’t never had sh*t man” 


Waze Ft. Liteease: 

1 way  

2 ways 

3 waze  

4 waze  

I’m a get paid  

these b*tches on dicks  

can’t be saved  

coming to my show you better rave  

I wife me a b*tch she better behave  

I walk in this b*tch alias no name” 


Free all my n*ggas out the chain gang”  


My b*tch gone dance in the rain  

lil Saint” 


I stayed down  

been through a whole lot of pain”  


Seeing blue faces  

but I just want more  

I remember we walked everywhere  

we was poor”  


Number 1 junkie 

got me on speed dial  

A nigga say he in the streets check his file” 


No Reason Ft. Baby Slime:  

Sliming n*ggas  

if they think they finessing  

If you walking wit me bitch  

B*tch you know it’s a blessing  

I ain’t fuvkin wit n*ggas  

who keep on stressing” 


He tried to reach  

he just got pop 

1 2 hit his ass  

make’em do a hop  

when I walk in this b*tch   

they gone know Sir HipRock” 


She say she love me  

swear to god she can’t stay” 


We gone smack him out two times  

It’s a replay!”  

Baby Slime:  

Get hit wit a stick  

if I think that he reaching  

if I hit a lick  

you should know it’s completed” 


He said he the plug  

but we know he the middle man  

You broke and I’m not  

you can’t call me yo little man 

I’m beating a case  

I feel like I’m George Zimmerman”  


We got who we want  

we spinning for the rest”  


I beat up the cheeks  

I get charged for abusing

It’s not a stretch to say the artist had found a balance in his music, evolving his ability to tell stories and make you feel what he feels through his music. Taking his craft in yet another direction, he gets into his retrospective bag on quite a few tracks, he has always done this to a degree in his music but he’s found a way to advance it. Though of course there is still plenty of aggressive lyrics, trap vibes, and that DMV slang we expect from the artist. “Really Aktive” is a spectacle to say the least, showcasing his innovative nature and top tier artistry. Check out this hot new project down below! As well as more about the artist by clicking here , this is one for the books!



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