Hope For The Hopeless

Written By Monte Hieke  

Jaxson Free is a 20 year old artist originally from greenwood, South Carolina who’s wave has been moving jet speed. Jaxson got “into music by my dad, he’s been involved with music since he was a teenager and he introduced it to me at a young age and I’ve been hooked ever since”. Currently based in Raleigh, there was a shift in the atmosphere when the artist released the project “SEVENTEEN.”, the artist has been in a race with himself ever since with tracks like “No Love”, “BREAD AND BAGUETTES” Ft. Marco Luko & YSB ELI, “Lonely”, “Late Night”, and of course “Promise”. Wrapping 2019 with well over 70,000 streams on Spotify alone, as well as over 1,000,000 on SoundCloud, the artist hit the scene with a rhyme scheme, charismatic cadence, and witty punchlines had one more skill at his disposal, his undeniable vocal range. This latest two pack release entitled “High Hopes” which is a follow up to the project “Care” is only a testament to his artistry setting the tone for quality music. This release is a vibe, the artist is putting his heart in his vocals.

Tracks & Notable Lyrics: 

High Hopes: 

Telling me it’s over  

I can’t even fight  

you decided  

I wish it was different in private  

If you want to talk  

you’re invite” 

Know you got me tattooed in your brain 


said you getting over me  

you claim yeah” 


Things could never been be the same  

like you promised” 


Don’t get my hopes up  

I was doing fine with no closure 

I was doing fine as a loner  

I don’t want to play cause it’s over” 


It’s really you 

I decided” 


Body’s enticing 


Give a f*ck about them  

cause they all hype” 


You gone make me  

act up like your friends say  

Love not in your language  

I can translate” 

You self made  

got a lot of things on your plate  

and I came up  

Baby me and you can relate” 


I come alive deep inside” 

Yeah it’s really you

His music containing lyrics of love, passion, heartbreak, along with his all or nothing need to succeed, he has one of those voices you instantly believe what he’s saying. The two tracks “High Hopes” and “You” are short but have instant replay value as the artist takes you on a trip through these soulful beats. Jaxson Free has delivered projects such as “Care” and “B/W”, but the artist opened a lightning in a bottle with this one, back in February of this year when asked if we could expect a full length project the artist stated “well I have 28 finished songs in the tuck as of right now so definitely dropping singles every month, possibly an ep if I’m feeling crazy”. Jaxson is conceptually gifted, having the skill level to give us something memorable while cohesive even in a two pack. We were made aware he hasn’t missed a beat earlier this year with “Dreams” but we can only wait in anticipation to see what comes next! Check out the latest from Jaxson Free by clicking the links down below! Prepare to feel!




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