The Height of LXXRY!!

Written By Monte Hieke

LXXRY(pronounced Luxury) Jet or just LXXRY for short, “raised in Maryland, moved to Raleigh at 13”, has released his new two pack project “OH LOOK! IT’S ME TIME!”. Though only two tracks this time around, the artist has shown improvement from the last time we heard from him. He sheds light on the concept and title stating “I’ve been busy doing things with my brand, prepping a new company I started called RUBBIN ELBOWS, really I help out with a lotta ppls projects & ideas in general. Ppl come to me for that insight or first listen. That’s why I was like ok cool dropped my first shoes, sold out. RUBBIN ELBOWS is ready, just more so waiting on virus to pass to start some stuff. So boom. It’s me time. Time to show how the sound has evolved”. LXXRY actually got his start in music by way of “Steezie!!! Bro believed in me creatively enough to give it a shot” he elaborates “I met Steez when I was managing Alx Ego, he offered his studio services & we just got to workin, eventually I was just coolin one day he fixed my laptop & installed FL on it free with all other software I wanted for deigns cause imma designer before artist lol. But he pushed me every time I pulled up so eventually I was like man why not”. Why not indeed, the artist who “started making music in 2018”, developed a melodic style, with topics of fashion, hard work, and never backing down his vocals sound as if he’s speaking to you, honing in on the listener’s ears, while always providing a charismatic smoothness in his voice, coming off “cool”. The two tracks titled “$$$$$ Freestyle” & “Five Star Frog Splash” which features the only guest appearance from Spaceman Stuu are short but wholesome.

Notable Lyrics & Tracks: 

$$$$$ Freestyle: 

I get it I get it  

she know that I get it” 

You mad that I get it?” 

I could take you to Topanga” 

F*ck her so good  

make her walk like penguin” 

Outside the coupe look dangerous” 


Ain’t splurged in a minute  

bout to cop some new pieces” 

Getting every dime on our own  

we bout to kick it wit no leeches”  

Five star frog splash off the top  

rope in the car with my piece”  

Off the top wit this sh*t 

like geronimo  

I’m a dab in that p*ssy  

then I gotta go  

Want the head  

I’m over it like a obstacle”  

Weed a different color  

like Jeff Hardy Hair” 

N*ggas can’t come outside they embarrassed  

say the opps lookin’ for me 

n*gga where?

OH LOOK! IT’S ME TIME!” Overall sounds like the beginning of something wonderful, conceptually being “literally the title”, at 25 he sounds like he’s ready to hang with the best of them sharpening his confidence and delivery to give listeners a glimpse of what he has to offer, all eyes on LXXRY! The artist has gone through a musical maturity since his “5ive Star Freestyle” which features none other than Cloudy Nueve. The track “$$$$$ Freestyle” shows his ability to make a stand alone banger, where the artist takes us out of space with a spacey beat which is met with a memorable hook, once hooked he comes with a fast paced verse that both show off his ability to make a hard hitting freestyle track but he rides the beat giving you time to not only let the production hit you but give the vocals a bit of flare. 
The next track “Five Star Frog Splash” keeps the theme of being spaced out, LXXRY shows off his marksmanship with yet again another memorable hook,  with lyrics relating to the famous wrestling move, the five star frog splash, Spaceman Stuu takes that concept and expands on it with a killer verse before being met with the hook once more. The two meshed together surprisingly well, containing instant replay value from start to finish, we can only hope for more from these two later on! Overall “OH LOOK! IT’S ME TIME!” appears to be a pivotal step for the greatness to come, LXXRY has found his sound and it comes off ever so slightly  the way he conveys his art, not only on a vocal but visual stand point, sometimes less is more, though this project may have you demanding for more, don’t be dismayed, the artist states “This year imma drop another EP. But visually it’s about to get scary. I been wanting to direct videos so I got some great plots, I want ppl to treat my videos like a wild TV show & be tuned in”. While that may provoke excitement and anxiousness, you’ll have to listen to his latest until then down below!! LXXRY is his name and he’s here to stay for the long haul!


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