The Strength Through The Pain

Written By Monte Hieke

NEP Glock is a 19 year old artist originally from Lanham, Maryland who recently delivered his first album “NEVER ENDING PAIN”. The 10 track project with no features deviates from his traditional style of content which details topics of street violence, drugs, and fashion amongst other things with a more melodic feel. NEP Glock formerly known as “YEHTHATSMECCA” has earned over 100,000 streams on SoundCloud alone, with tracks like “9 Piece Remix” ft. Sir HipRock, “Auction”, “Concord”, “Like Sh*t”, and more recently the fast rising track amongst this pandemic “Corona”, when asked what motivates the artist his response was “what motivates me as a artist is the rewards that come from it in the future I’m just tryna be rich so I’m grinding to get to the top 💯sh*t don’t happen overnight and that’s what people fail to realize this shit takes time money hard work and dedication u gotta be solid to stay in this sh*t”. The artist who has released a number of projects before with his “Ciprianos Finest” & “Money Talks” both having their own respective series, NEP Glock states “my mindset going into this project was for the project this be my first official album so I had to make music that could appeal to more of a mainstream Audience instead of the usual trap dmv flow”. When asked what made him want to start making music the artist says “Always wanted to make music since a little boy”.

Notable Tracks & Lyrics:  


I had to get this sh*t  

the hardway” 

Not everybody make it out the streets  

n*gga it’s the wrong way” 

I’m good as long as my b*tch happy” 

We are not the same  

my n*gga died at 16  

that sh*ts a shame” 

I hit a home run on my opps n*gga  

no ball game 

10 bands in my Balmains 

I been on the block all day” 

selling zips in the hallway 

I been trapping  

had a long day”  

I’m tryna get my name in the hall of the fame  

this street sh*t ain’t no f*ckin game”  

Bring the H*es Out:  

Yeah I got the choppa  

but instead I brought the pole out  

I’m tryna get my d*ck sucked  

so tell’em bring the h*es out  

broke n*ggas keep dissing on me  

tell’em bring they dough out  

Pull up on the opp block in a foreign  

with my doors out” 

Stop talkin bout that sh*t  

you don’t know about” 

“B*tch I got new clothes now  

I had to throw the old out”  

“Caught down bad by himself  

where yo bros now?” 

you better run when you see us  

pull up 

cause we be takin’ souls now”  


Never Ending Pain:  

I miss my n*gga I wish he ain’t die  

I miss my cousin I wish he ain’t die  

I miss that b*tch I wish that she ain’t lie  

all this never ending pain  

wanna make cry”  

I wish I stayed in school  

I missed graduation  

but I got my GED so I guess I graduated 

life ain’t always hard  

it’s about what you make it  

back then I was crummy  

you had pack I take it 

But now I’m on new sh*t  

I elevated” 

I pray to God  

that I can fight all these bad temptations”  

She rode that d*ck so good  

she got me motivated  

she cheated  



But now she leaving  



I could never put my trust in her”  

She ain’t never put me first” 

It ain’t work  

so now I’mma always put me first”  

B*tch I’m traumatized now

This time around NEP Glock is covering all things across the board with pain filled tracks like “Hardway”, “Never Ending Pain”, “Why Do You Hate Me”, then there are aggressive tracks like “Whole Kill”, “Chops Out, Pt. 2”, he also makes room for bangers like “Pretty Toes” & “Bring The H*es Out”. While we’re used to some witty bars, comical at times, with some gritty undertones coming from the dirt, describing his style as “funny at times but most of the time relatable”, on this project NEP Glock takes advantage of the climate of music “It’s a new age of rap now niggas is singing more so I had to try sum different because all my other shit is trap so I just wanted to make a album that different from the rest” to shed light on some of the issues he deals with internally, using new sounds that he executes with point blank precision. He sounds rejuvenated and motivated as ever, not only switching his flow but he doesn’t alienate his audience, this being his first attempt at an album it’s evident it’s only up from here! Never Ending Pain has a consistent theme of lost, the artist does this intentionally and offers advice on the matter feeling everyone should find their own unique way to deal saying “it’s not easy to get over a lost loved one that’s why I rap about it’s helps me get over shit better when I let people know Wassup wit me through my songs”. Though the project coming out to be a success one has to wonder if he’ll stick with this sound, in regards to what to expect moving forward he emphasizes “more of the style I’m known for and u can expect cipriano prophet and cipriano finest 3 and gstarglock dropping soon after slide or get slid”. What exciting news for listeners! There’s a lot more on the way for 2020 but for now Never Ending Pain is a highly recommended from a DMV rising star, check it out now on all streaming platforms down below!!




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