#NewButTrue : Tiny with A Big Heart

Written By Monte Hieke Jr. 

19 year old artist Tinythedemon is an aspiring artist and the first to break in our new category New But True. New But True is where we take a relatively new artist and track their progress as they continue to grow and mold themselves as artist. Tiny who is from “you know where I came from” Rocky Mount, North Carolina has been free-styling for as long as he can remember. He describes his ability to freestyle as second nature to speaking but it wasn’t until sometime last year he decided to put his skills to the test and freestyle to a beat. The first track being “Reminiscing” showcases his ability to freestyle with the track being a little over a minute and a half, his motivation for his new found love of rap being “the way music makes me feel music is like my distraction from chaos and mishap and crazy S*@t going on like when I record it just makes me feel invincible”.

Notable Lyrics: 

I was on some block sh*t 

I was trying to get ain’t no mutha f**k’n stoppin 

I was flippin’ sh*t but I was f*ckin up the profit” 

Feeling like I’m running out of time I had to watch it” 

If you knew my story 

you wouldn’t want all this pain and sorrow” 

You ain’t never woke up wondering what the f*ck you gone eat tomorrow

Being inspired by “old school music tbh I like the new culture of rap and trap music but I really like old school music because it seems like back then it’s wasn’t a bad thing to just be yourself have your own flow” the artist has been working tirelessly on his craft gearing up for a release in the near future. The artist has recently submitted tracks to Spark The Dope which show incredible potential, Tiny explains his short term goals as “to be able to sit back and just watch my whole hood turn up to my s**t and my goal is to use music to put me in to position to help and lift others financially and mentally”. Though when it’s all said and done “I see myself sitting back looking over all my accomplishments with a big smile on my face ‼️”. It may still be earlier in this young artist’s path to greatness but he has his eyes on the prize as he sharpens his skills each day. Tinythedemon is putting the city on his back as he continues his music endeavors, check out this young artist down below and stay tuned... This won’t be the last time you hear about Tinythedemon!!




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