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Xpensive Vices  

Written By Monte Hieke  

Wake Forest, NC artist Young Jyro alongside producer Vilent Fergamo release a new track entitled “Xpensive Drug Habits” and it’s a vibe you can’t shake. This release is following the EP “Life After Pain” and his appearance on the track “Walk” by Bray 4K. The artist continues his charge of his original style and cadence. Young Jyro started making waves with tracks “Coolin Kit”, “Trifling”, and “Rockstar Dreams”. The track “Xpensive Drug Habits” is produced by upcoming producer Vilent Fergamo, the two worked together on two projects prior to this release, working together like tooth and nail on releases.Young Jyro, known for his melodic and at times vocally aggressive style, the artist takes time to address subjects of drugs, pain, mental trauma, and the struggle.

Notable Lyrics: 

“Got expensive drug habits 

I been working like an addict  

Walk in the bank 

I’m a walk out with 100 racks 

I’m speaking b*tch  

It’s Fendi Facts”  

“Dropped out of school needed money had to hit the trap”  

“You could never feel my pain 

B*tch I’m stuck up in my ways  

Had to cut off hella n*ggas 

They was getting in the way”  

“ they jealous cause I ain’t the same  

But F*ck them boys they want some fame” 

“had demons in my head 

I got voices in my head

I’m tossing, turning in my bed”

Young Jyro & Vilent Fergamo have executed a style that sounds developed and formulated down to a science. The consistency doesn’t appear hit or miss, there’s a pocket the two have found and this track speaks to that in its latest form. This is one of those tracks that feels good and makes you want to get up and move. The artist has hinted at multiply tracks and projects on the way via social media, but we can only wait to see what happens for now. In the mean time we have this fire new tracks from the duo, check out “Xpensive Drug Habits” along with other related thinks down below! 



Young Jyro

Vilent Fergamo

Life After Pain



Unmasked and Untouchable  

Written By Monte Hieke  

Spaceman Stuu, originally from Raleigh, North Carolina releases a new body of work entitled “Unmasked 2”. The release of 7 tracks is following “Revenge”, “Closed Caption 2”,   and “Neutron Stars”. The project itself is apart of a series and acts as a part two to its predecessor “Unmasked”. Spaceman Stuu who’s been “into music ever since I was a kid” now 25 years old, the artist is commonly known for his tracks “Out Of Order”, “Slight”, and “Sue Me”. The artist is also known for his rhyme scheme and at times melodic style, possessing the versatility to go from Boom Bap, to new age rap, and at times even R & B. The often melodic sound may be surprising but the artist states “I was always in band and chorus”, clearly playing a part in why it sounds so natural coming from the artist.

The artist had this to say about his inspiration, saying “Being outside is really inspiring to me. Thinking about how everything has a life or a purpose helps me get more interpersonal with my music”. The barrier breaking artist , happens to also be a great performer, putting on a show from stage to stage, with over 79,000 streams on SoundCloud alone. He’s in this race for longevity and he continues to push himself like he’s just starting out, when asked what was the motivation behind this he would add “my team is my biggest motivation. They’re always behind me with any decision i make. Also, my fans. I feel like the people who support my music are really genuine and it keeps me going”.

Notable Songs & Lyrics  


“I was on the backroads with the backends  

with a bad h*e who had bad friends  

talking foreigns like Jasmine from Alladin” 

“I was sipping Reposado 

So lit can’t hold up the cup” 

“Choppa Eagle Eye no Shia Lebouf” 

“I’m still litty in the city that’s a fact n*gga 

how he that skinny got the city on his back n*gga 

I been in the cut they like stuu where you been at n*gga  

I’m still around I just don’t f*ck with these rap n*ggas” 

“Yeah you trap and I trap  

but my pack bigger 

bout to take this cash money west  

I feel like Wack n*gga”  

All American Heroes Ft. Stephen Jailon: 

“Young n*gga came from zero 

so just know when the smoke clears  

we clear smoke 

We got opps but we don’t fear those  

we grew up some All American Heroes” 

“We ain’t ducking no smoke n*gga 

that’s the sh*t that excite us”  

“We ain’t never seen you out  

we know you a hider”  

I been looking: 

“I been looking, yeah  

I been looking into to my spirit  

I been praying to god I hope he hear it  

I know the devil somewhere interfering”  

“Wish I had some type of serum  

To fix the hate in these n*ggas  

cause really I don’t get’em” 

“Cooked Dope in the last pot we had to p*ss in”  

“Mad it here from moderately smart decision  

How I’m living”  

“I just focus on eternal healing”

The project delivers a bit of all Spaceman Stuu has at his disposal, he goes above and beyond to deliver a cohesive project. When asked about the process of making “Unmasked 2” the artist states “It was a long, emotional process! The Unmasked series means a lot to me, because it’s me opening up to my fans about my personal life. It was a lot of work but well worth it”. The artist clears the board with songs that are bangers and can motivate you like “All American Heroes” and “Charlie Sheen”. Though there are also tracks that speak to the soul where Spaceman Stuu is giving you the grittiest up to the most valued pieces in tracks like “27 Club”, “I Been Looking” and “Go For It”. The artist gets into his R & B pocket with “Real As Me”, whatever you can ask of the artist he’s here to deliver making him cerebral when going into a project. In wake of it’s release the artist has followed up with “Make It Right” and the official music video for “Lit”. It should also be noted that the only feature on the project is thriving and ever so talented Stephen Jailon. Stephen Jailon, also from Raleigh, North Carolina is not too shy from wearing many hats himself, the artist has production credits on the project as well. When asked what else we can expect this year he says “This year you guys should expect a lot of visuals! I also have one more project coming later this year that I’m really excited about. I honestly feel like it’s my best work yet”. Check out this outstanding project and more down below!!






The Plot Thickens  

Written By Monte Hieke  

Steezie releases new music!! NC artist Steezie drops a fire new track “Plot Twist” where he is talking his talk. The young artist is following up his 2019 release of his project “Dynamite” which featured tracks such as “How I’m Feelin’”, “Off The Meter”, “Dynamite”, and “Frozen”. The artist who also produces the track, delivers a hard hitting beat, tailored made for the artist to get in his zone and execute. The artist not only exudes his boss like mentality but he sets the record straight for who’s really in charge. The track is just pure energy and it’s quite refreshing. 

Notable Lyrics: 

“Never chase a b*tch  

I’m a chase a check”  

“That’s a plot twist 

Saying you making bands  

But you not rich”  

“Before they bury me  

I’ll put my mama in a jet” 

“ done lost it  

Every f*ckin track I done sauced it”

This hot new track may very well be a calm before the storm. The artist sounds rejuvenated on this track, and one only knows what could be in the works. The release of this track has listeners on the edge of their seats for what’s next, another project perhaps? Though for now “Plot Twist” is available on streaming platforms below! Check it out this banger and more related links on the artist down below!




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HELLO?!! It’s Winter!!! 

                                                                                                 Written By Monte Hieke 

Winter aka COLDLIKEWINTER is back with another fire track called “HELLO?”. This new track follows up “Bhibba” which was produced by Steezie where she showed off her style and talent which properly prepared us for this release. The artist previewed the track with a snippet on social media and she is even more inventive on this track, sounding hungry and savage with killer punchlines and infectious one liners. This go-round the artist teams up with Yung Glizzy who has worked with Stunna 4 Vegas, Gucci Mane, and Famous Dex to name a few. This track is a banger and nothing short of it.

Notable Lyrics: 

“Catch’em and send him to heaven 

Niggas is bitches  

he pussy he tellin” 

“You got a issue 

and I got a weapon  

Empty the Clip  

Got’em dancing like Ellen”  

“I keep the gas like a 7/11” 

“He all on my *ss 

like a pocket on denim” 

“That b*tch is a stick 

treat her head like a mop”.  

“Hello? Hello? 

Nah not coming to the phone 

Too much money on the line”

The track is a bullseye of a follow up and it’s bound to get you moving with how fun, catchy, and hard the track is. Winter is does come with aggressive lyricism, despite this, it’s still very replay value heavy. The said track is linked down below! You don’t want to miss out on this banger!! Winter is cold as always! Check it out along with other related links below!


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The Destined...The Unpredictable 

                                                                                                        Written By Monte Hieke  

Chris Codeine releases a new project “Unpredictable” following up the release of his self entitled EP “Chris Codeine”. The 12 track project is all substance, there isn’t a bar wasted on this project. The 21 year old artist gives us his different styles with project, there’s Hip-Hop, Gangsta Rap, and R & B all mixed in what can be described as a time capsule piece of his art. Chris Codeine has been making music since the 7th grade and gives credit to Michael Jackson for his inspiration for making music stating “Michael Jackson influenced me to do music because he had the crowed control”. The artist states that his biggest inspiration though are his “mother and family". Though this record sounds more structured in comparison to his last project making it feel like “Chris Codeine EP” , giving more a mixtape vibe, was the baby and now it’s grown and matured quite a bit. Make no mistake, the last project is definitely a introduction to the artist, and a proud one at that, with tracks such as “Out My Way”, “Struggle Boy”, and his “Flex Up”. This time around  you can telll the artist made it a point to separate himself from the rest, growing tremendously as a artist, having this to say about the difference in projects  “My mindset to this project was to catch the audience’s attention and let them step inside my shoes and see and hear where I’m coming from”, continuing on to say “my music represents hustle, grind, motivation and respect”.

Notable Songs & Lyrics:  

Better Place: 

“It was times growing up  

I didn’t want to live life  

had the pole in my hand  

trying to make a kill strike 

Momma saying baby stop  

why you want to go now? 

It’s too much in this world  

I ain’t want to stick around”  

“Now you lay me down to sleep 

I pray to lord my soul to keep  

and if I die before I wake  

I hope I’m in a better place”  

Close To You: 

“It’s kind of tough  

nobody here I’m all alone 

Thoughts of you here is a like a vision in my dome” 

“I was coming home doing nothing getting settled  

heard my sister crying  

Going crazy I was worried 

Asking saying sis are you okay? 

Is something wrong? 

She had said that pops had passed away  

inside his home” 

“I was down on my knees  

I couldn’t feel myself breathe  

Feeling like god done took  

That nigga I love so much” 

“I just wish that I was close to you”  

“If I was there  

would things have gone that way  

I can’t believe you gone today  

I got you on my arm  

To show you love and what you mean to me  

You made who the man I am”  

Street Baby: 

“Living in the slump 

Pop used to live beside a dump 

I was on the block  

hanging wit them n*ggas wit the pump” 

“I’m a street n*gga 

we don’t say a word 

we don’t speak wit you” 

“I’m a dirty savage  

I’m a play you like a game..boy!”  



“Homie hit me up he said bro  

I need you here  

shit is getting crazy and I think you want to here  

got up outta bed  

Put on some clothes  

and grab the keys 

got inside the whip and started flying through the lanes” 

“Pulled up at the spot  

People everywhere 

paramedics telling people move away from here”  

“Mommas crying  

People on the floor they looking hurt  

damn I seen my nigga on the floor without a shirt!!”  

Thugs Cry:  

“If I die I hope I wake up in a better place” 

“Please don’t cry and say that I was good, knowing that I won’t 

Cousin in the front thinking damn it  

why he do that Bruh? 

“Pastor singing God is on my side and that I’m not alone” 

“Thinking in my past did I accomplish everything I want?”  

“For the people that I know  

I just want y’all to know, I love you”  

“N*ggas they made you getting paper 

They just see you up in the scrapers” 

“You got more haters  

well get more haters  

You got dumb millions 

well get more millions”

The artist who’s known for tracks like “Clientele”, “Forgiveness”, and “No Safety” which features Dxn Creq. The artist has managed to gather over 59,000 streams on SoundCloud alone through his self promotion and rocking out shows. The artist is a force to be reckoned with and what a way to start the year. The artist successfully gives us the many faces he’s capable to wear in his music as well as the many sides of the artist himself. This project has layers that you can’t only help help but feel. We can only hope to hear more of Chris Codeine with the bar being raised so high, there’s a song for everyone on this and it shows that time has been put it in from this young artist. When asked what he wanted listeners to get from his music it was “that I came up different and that just by hustling and putting all the negativity to the side that you cane accomplish a lot”. “Unpredictable” is just what the title details with songs that are gritty like “Street Baby” & “Hitem Up Pt. II”, Heart felt pain in “Better Place” & “Close To You”, and turn up with “Leave Me Alone” &  “No Safty”. Chris Codeine wanted to give listeners a insight to his life and he may have accomplished that and more with this project. The music speaks for itself and that has set the standard for the artist. Don’t just take my word for it! “Unpredictable” as well as other links related to the artist is down below!

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2 Dopeboy$ 

                    Written By Monte Hieke 

Yungwop from Raleigh, North Carolina releases new music featuring $antana with the new track “Dopeboy$”. The two have collaborated in the past with the track “Xantana” so the two are familiar with each other’s style attacking this track with Yin & Yang like symmetry. The two come together to make an unorthodox style that they make their own. Yungwop known for tracks like “Wopstar” & “Ballin” on SoundCloud  which has both been removed from the streaming service, but they may be found on other streaming services if you’re willing to look. The young artist who has been making music since the 11th grade has garnered well over 100,000 plays on SoundCloud alone. This should come to know surprise as the artist has been consistent with refreshing sounds, his tracks giving relatable lyrics and unique cadence. Whether it’s bar for bar, trap infused, or simply melodic Yungwop is bound to execute with whichever way he decides to deliver.  

Notable Lyrics:  


“Uzi On me like a vert” 

“Run in his sh*t like a infidel  

We spinning his block like carrousel  

Pushing them pounds like a dumbbell 

Cracked his *ss like a egg shell 

30 in the glock ain’t no show and tell”  

“Dope boy lifestyle ain’t no games, no turning back I’m stuck with the gang” 


“100 round drum wit a clip 

100 round drum make you dip 

I’m a run down wit a stick” 

“That lil h*e think I’m mean  

I’m off the propane f*ck you mean  

Just poured a whole thing of lean 

Just poured the whole thing in a drink” 

$antana aka $antana Money also from Raleigh, North Carolina may have just hit the music but it’s clear the artist has been around for a while. The young artist who has already made waves with his track “100 Shellz” as well as “XANTANA” with Yungwop which is produced by all star producer 2DIRTYY who has worked with the likes of Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage, and Chief Keef to name a few. $antana is already on a well off start. The track itself sounds like a typical day in the trap with these two artists, giving raw emotions and graphic lyrics to match. The track is a vibe  of gritty Trap music and these two are giving you a back seat ride. Think you have the stomach for it? Check out “Dopeboy$” down below!


Yungwop Music

$antana Money Music


$antana Insta

E Is For Elegant  

Written By Monte Hieke

Christian James is a artist from Raleigh, NC who has been rapping for 10 years and it shows. The artist who is only 22, brings back rap in a way that can only be seen as innovative and pure. Christian James states that he “started just for fun and something to do with my homies in the summer in highschool”. Though with the end result being the artist today, one can only imagine what those summer songs must have sounded like because this artist is only getting started and there’s doesn’t seem to be any loss of wind in his sails. The artist sounds energized and quite elegant to say the least.  

Christian James began making wakes in High School but he didn’t let that wave get to his head. Despite his boastful nature and bars of confidence he only used his wave to get better over time. The artist showing he’s in it for longevity never changed his way of making music putting in time while others may have taken a more microwaveable approach, this artist serves music like entrees, made to last. The artist known for tracks such as “Michael Spear-Lavish”, “John Lennon”, “Too Smooth”, and “Elegance”, continues to lead his charge of originality, “What sets me apart is, I really sound like no one else, my flow versatility, stage presence, and overall style you cant really find anywhere else”, and consistency with tracks that sound fun, inspiring, and at times a certain level of intimacy where he sounds like he’s talking to you one on one. There is further proof of this in his Tiny Desk Concert contest video, covering his track “Cinematic Day Dreams” which is available to watch on YouTube.  

Notable Songs & Lyrics: 

On My Mind: 

“Being with you makes me feel alive  

the greatest gift that you could give  

is giving precious time” 

“Your dad said hey don’t date a black guy  

you know they do not act right , the hood rats live a bad life”. 

“And Hate comes from that ignorance, ignorance is the needle that is threading through America makin racism lethal”

“He's black, I'm white like really what's the difference?
The difference is nothing you are just sickened Infected by the division that has segregated kids from meeting other kids and learning different ways to live

I hold true to my promises 

My pride I'll never swallow it, he’s black he's got a lot to give, and if you try stoppin me

I'm shootin you with hallow tips”

Young Elegance: 

“Contents in undergarments

stretch longer than 9 twizzlers

If you ain't watching, might find it in yo fine sister”

“I spit that sizzling third degree ear  


if you look over  

you’ll find a young nigga whispering  

in the ear of a very high quality breasted chick  

can I sign your bussums to brandish my poor penmanship?”  

Oh My Ft. Well$: 

“I give her good D like the Broncos  

she talked me up like a talk show  

but a nigga play no games  

left the console” 

“I got ladies that’s bad as felonious criminals”  

Cinematic Day Dreams:  

“this that times new Roman,

this that blunt straight forward,

Iove your face it’s gorgeous”

“Euphoria lives in your smile 

I live to make you smile”  

“Can we not blink? 

can we just think? 

if it’s not real can we just..dream?”  

“Capture your essence with that iPhone  

doesn’t do you justice  

I’m a still frame it though”  

“Forever with you.. nah I need a little more” 

John Lennon: 

“I’m on your momma shopping list!  

Nigga C James on her shopping list!  

Yo momma married and she got 4 kids!  

and her husband ... like..she..well.. He.. does well in marketing”  

“Hustled that n*gga who said I sell white  

Crumbling all of his stereotypes” 

Christian James isn’t one dimensional which can be seen in songs like “Land Of Women” & “On My Mind” where the music is themed with what could commercial or television show worthy ideas that are nailed to the wall on topic from start to finish. This artist has become a craftsman of sorts with his craft, when speaking on his versatility having this to say “I want people to get a refreshing sound that’s different but still dope, I have a versatile style so I have a little something that everyone can enjoy”. This shouldn’t come to a surprise when the artist’s main motivation “is creating something unique that hasn’t been done”, being full of ideas he brings them to the table and executes on a very high level. As a artist who prides hisself on “elegance”, it seems only right he sets his standards higher than most. As sure as his rapid fire lyricism, this is one artist you shouldn’t miss out on.  

The artist has garnered well over 36,000 streams on SoundCloud alone, with some tracks being removed. Outside of audio, the artist has visuals for songs “Too Smooth” and “Junie B. Jones” amongst others that are visually compelling and entertaining to watch. The young artist has also been making his rounds making connections and sharing his energy with crowd after crowd in the area.The music you hear when you play Christian James is feel good music with a occasional hype and aggression which is a nod to the many hats he can wear to switch up his style. Though don’t confuse this with senseless violence and ignorance, there seems to be method and reasoning towards each bar, even if it’s lyrical sparring or expression. There are layers to this artist and it’s all available to choose from down below. This being said, this isn’t your typical young artist with short mind numbing antics and wordplay, Christian is bound to stimulate your mind and open you up to new sounds, and possibly a new perspective. Need something refreshing and fun? Go check out the elegant one Christian James down below!!




Tiny Desk



Big Poppin’! 

   Written By Monte Hieke 

The official music video Cloudy Nueve’s “POP MY SHIT” was recently released, the video shows off some of Cloudy’s personality and is visually enticing to the eyes. The video Directed By Dj TJ (@thedjtj), looks reminiscent of “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” a film starring Johnny Deep, but only in a sense of how trippy the video can be at times. It looks like a look into Cloudy’s tipsy topsy world or a really bad drug trip. Well while Cloudy takes us on this ride we see him seeing double with girls dancing to the music he’s playing in his walkman as well as what’s coming out of his speaker, though the video is so trippy, you’d have to wonder if anything was playing at all. Talk a about a blast from the past, the walkman has his record playing which is a golden cassette tape, and a boom box speaker that looks like it came from the 80s. 

As the song is playing you can see the artist getting bug eyed, while rapping the over a hard hitting beat produced by Bankroll Got It who has worked with the likes of Dababy, Stunna 4 Vegas, Big Mali, OT Genesis, and Lil Baby to name a few. The video is centered around a walk with Cloudy through the neighborhood while smoking and listening to Tunes.  

Notable Lyrics: 

“walk inside the party gotta pop my sh*t 

grinding on your girl she thought my glock 

was my d*ck” 

“said she might not make it to work 

I got her calling out sick” 

“Now what’s the club without a fight scene? 

I’m on the wave of hitting stains like I’m a Viking”  

“I got a gang of scraps that go off when that light green”  

There’s even a scene where the artist is just casually riding a skateboard while seemingly having this trip. The artist is in his own world through the video and what fun is it to watch. Regarding the track itself the artist never ceasing to amaze, this song is a hit from start to finish. “POP MY SHIT” is one of the Cloudy’s most popular songs and the visual doesn’t fail to amaze either. There has been made mention of a possible album coming soon, though that remains to be seen, there is definitely new music on the way. Though for now you can enjoy the this very entertaining music video as well as the track it’s on all streaming platforms. Go stream Cloudy Nueve’s “POP MY SHIT” down below!! 



Cloudy’s Insta


All For The Love  

Written By Monte Hieke 

OG Ace Of Spade releases a new banger of a track entitled  “Da Gang”. The track started gaining attention after the artist  posted a snippet on his social media. This release follows his project “The Hand I was Dealt” a project which sets him apart from the rest. It goes without saying that this track simply feels good. OG Ace Of Spade is originally from Durham, North Carolina and has been on a rocket like ascension with consistent records and energy. When asked how he came up with his name the artist states “ I started calling myself spade because I always wore black! Then when I started music.. people ran with og ace of spade .. the strongest card in the deck when you’re playing spades”. 

 The 25 year old artist started making music about 2 years ago and hasn’t looked back since “I started making music too express myself and deal with depression”. Over the course of 2 years the artist has garnered well over 100,000 plays on SoundCloud alone. The artist has also been making his rounds around the area performing at shows and collaborating with known artist in the area such as Jaheal, EMILIO ZAPATA, Castro Montega,  Cloudy Nueve to name a few. OG Ace Of Spade, known for tracks like “Dangerous”, “High Noon”, “Spade”, and “Telephone Man”,  is no slouch on his own and is on a clear path towards success. When asked what we can expect this year he had this to say “Definitely projects, visuals, expansion overall” leaving much to anticipate.  
(Courtesy of @Jaidasphotography) 

Notable Lyrics:  

“They ask me if I feel that pressure, no not at all  

Speaking of that pressure like gone and free my dawg”  

“They say I’m about to blow  

Got me feeling like a land mine” 

“RIP the gang was on the same thing  

n*ggas talking stupid putting money on my chain  

they don’t know I’m next up  

I just want my check up” 

“The plug just hit my phone  

Said half on the bells 

I wonder if I cut it 

Could they really f*ckin’ tell”  

The artist has been on the move without any signs of pumping the breaks. The center of his resolve comes from his desire to achieve greatness and not going backwards, nor being engulfed in negativity “I want people to feel my Daily vibes and how I’ve dealt with life problems and how I remained grounded and humble.. my music represents my desire to always keep going”. Are you feeling down? Need a upper? Something to get you out of your funk? The track “Da Gang” is out now on SoundCloud and Apple Music stream it down below!!

Apple Music



A Change of Pocket 

Written By Monte Hieke 

“Pocket Change” by Cloudy Nueve was recently released on December 30th, the first release after his passing. Pocket Change is released following the project “INSOMNIAK” which held favorites such as “Don’t Care About Me”, “Who’s Countin”, and of course “I’ll be Fine”. A project full that was filled with range and emotion. Cloudy Nueve garnered  

Well over 600,000 with a all time amount  of over 1,000,000 plays on SoundCloud, and ended his 2019 wrap up with over 400,000 plays on Spotify. The artist never shying away from his versatility being a jack of all trades, with lyrics and style, he really utilizes his melodies on track. Cloudy’s “Pocket Change” has a beat that’s instrument heavy and the mix of the two is a track that’s quite soulful.  

Cloudy Nueve gets vulnerable and honest, where the track feels therapeutic, though there are moments where the artist sounds displeased it’s far from a downer. Through whatever negativity there’s a overall tone of optimism, which is somewhat of a specialty for the artist. The melodic style delivered gives pure emotion and show’s his ability to create a vibe off the strength of his vocals. There is a pivotal moment where he takes a pause and just let’s the beat play, showing off his musical intelligence, he comes back into pocket seemingly at just the right time before giving the song a strong finish. This song is without a doubt worth the listen.  

Notable Lyrics:  

“Going so hard like I think that sh*t good for my health 

Now I ain’t gotta jugg for my wealth” 

“Everything I do irregular can’t never tell if it’s dreams” 

“It’s too much on my conscious  

I been going up now you can’t help but watch it.” 

“Only thing that changed is the change in my pocket 

Think I got the holy ghost how I’m chasing the profits”  

“Getting harder to believe I’m a last through the day  

But when I look in my pockets seems like all my friends passed away 

Tell me who have I needed before” 

This song being packed with the amount of layers it has, can only be looked at as a testament to just how much more he had to offer and had in store. Amongst his catalog he was a frequent collaborator with producer Bankroll Got It with notable songs being “FROM THE DURT”, “Slimey”, “POP MY SHIT”, and “DECLINE”, the young artist also had a series of projects with the title “Cloudy With A Chance” that really shows off his artistry. In wake of the artist’s passing an event is being held to honor him, his music, and his impact on January 19th at the Lincoln Theater. There is much to be heard, based on his social media accounts it has been hinted that we can expect more music to be released on behalf of the artist. Cloudy Nueve had star quality and it becomes more and more apparent in his music, if you still have your doubts or need something to get you moving listen to “Pocket Change” below along with the rest of his music! Also in case you’re interested in the upcoming event or Cloudy’s social media there will be separate links below.

Pocket Change