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It’s Not Rap!! It’s HipRock!! 

Written By Monte Hieke 

DMV Artist SirHipRock also known as Almighty Mansa releases his project “You Don’t Know Me 2 (YDKM2)”. The artist has been making waves grossing over 500,000 SoundCloud Streams all together in the past year. The mixtape was much anticipated following the release of project “High Summer Nights 3”.

  The artist who ha been making music for about four years has been working on his craft relentless over the years. “I keep at least thousand unreleased songs, no cap, so whoever saying they want to be a rapper...tighten up”.  

The artist who would get into sports earlier in his youth saying “I tried hooping but my heart wasn’t in it”later putting it down. Almighty Mansa strives to put his all in everything he does, the young artists refuses to do things his heart isn’t in. When speaking on music saying “I put my all into it, people think because they do music there’s no struggle”, doubling down on his resolve to pursue music. You can hear more of his resolve as well as trial and tribulations on his project of fourteen songs  “You Don’t Know Me 2”.  Look forward to bangers where Mansa is rapping over hard heating beats using his unique style and rhyme scheme. Though you will get a mixture with beats that are slower which the pace is backed up with bars and unique storytelling.  

Notable Songs & Quotes 

Nightmares (feat. Zarthian) 

“Ain’t no more dreams cause it’s nightmares” 

“Has to learn how to hustle even through the struggle, ain’t been in the gym but it came out the muscle” 

“I’m talking bout pain nigga what you felt?” 

Hell Roxk (feat. TheDemonAldrich)

“If you say you a plug I’m a cut the cord,  

I’m serving it different cities like a tour”  

“Make’em skate on the ice he a puck”  

“Hit the b*tch I’m abusing her g spot” 

How I’m Bomin (feat. Sisdom Cinema) 

“You know How I’m bomin, I got all them racks in abundance” 

“Serving them KDs I got thunder”  

“Working with chemicals no I’m not Bill Nye” 

“I’m fly as b*tch on the low I’m a moth” 

HipRoxk, Pt.3 (feat. 2rawww, Youngest OG, & Almighy Mansa) 

“I live through my rhymes, I’m selling these verses like I sold dimes” 

“Score a touchdown and dance Jerry Rice” 

“I had a hard life it ain’t fun” 

“You the same n*gga you a b*tch wit a gun, p*ssy n**ga it’s yo time of the month!” 

Senseless (feat. Kendrix) 

“Most of y’all goofy beefing over b*tches” 

“He think he a G cause he came from the trenches”  

Keeping the beef in the streets, no mentions” 

“My circle got small, real tight” 


“I been a loner I ain’t have no help, I’m finna stay down get my wealth/ you ain’t been through no pain so it’s f*ck what you felt”  

“I got two sides and I’m crazy”  

“Get off your a** go make your way” 

The young artist sounds like a veteran the way he seemingly eats up each track with bigger than life energy! This “HipRock” genre isn’t just the rappers self made style but a way of life! Get in tune!! The project is available now on all streaming platforms! 
YDKM 2 Apple Music

YDKM 2 Spotify


NC’s New Duo?!?! 

Written By Monte Hieke 

NC’s Marlee Savage and Cloudy Nueve released on October 31st! The two are a match made in the trenches, both having a grimy sound respectively. Though it isn’t without wins and loses, the two make it clear that though they may be stuck in their ways, it’s from life lessons versus pure ignorance. This isn’t the usual mind numbing trap music, the young artists gave us a 4 track EP “MarleeNueve”. 

  (Marlee Savage) 

(Cloudy Nueve) 

MarleeNueve is the first track on the project, the beat makes you feel like you’re in the jungle with tigers and crocodiles. It could easily pass for a score in action or horror film, Marlee Savage starts us off with a verse bursting with energy with lyrics like  

“His girl say he a lazy a%# N*gga had to put a potato on that pistol” /“ If I take it it’s motherf*ckin mine, like a game I’m controlling her mind”. Though Cloudy never one to slouch comes in with energy that mirrors his partner in crime with notable lyrics. “I know half these n*ggas is Hypocrite I just say f*ck it cause that sh#t typical” / “Skipping classes I won’t that really into school, but I’m getting that bread from a teacher and that b#tch moving keys like Alicia”. The two have the chemistry of two different beasts from the same background but working together efficiently, when one strikes, the other is not too far behind, a dynamic style which may have inspired the cover art.  

(Photo taken by Broken Wings Media) 

“Plenty” the next track follows up strong with a banger from start to finish, their isn’t a single cool down on this track, the beat has flutes playing with hard hitting bass, Cloudy takes the charge on this track with lyrics “You can take that b*tch back I got plenty”/“I got my own bag cause they envy”/ “You got to watch the n*ggas around, seem to fold when they said they was down”. Then in his verse “They need the pack they attracted to Cloud, I flew out to the West now I’m sending them out.”  

These lyrics are only to name a few and they are far from what else the track has to offer, Cloudy has more than a few memorable lines in his verse. This time Marlee Savage has the follow up and he doesn’t shy away  with overwhelming presence, Marlee shows why he stands with any giant with lyrics like “Got to go Cali if you need the loud, I need the numbers like I need it now!” “Life be too good when you smoke out the pound, if you need more I can get it right now!”/ “got a glick wit a stick I can’t stop it, that lil b*tch sound like a band when it’s poppin...lil B*tch!!”.  

(Photo Taken By Jai Das Photography) 

The next to last “Remind Me” is a change of pace, slower but still packed with banger like quality. The beat is reminiscent of a UGK, Rick Ross, or a DJ Khaled in the 2000s. Though the two were completely comfortable and turned the best into their own, the two gives us a back and forth, with them being so compatible you would have thought the two were a group for years.  

A few lyrics that stand out are 


“This remind of some UGK sh*t sippin low get low the cops they can not chase me”  


“Every time I’m doing fine these n*ggas seem to hate it, see I’m just tryna feed my n*ggas dog and if you ain’t down to ride then don’t even get involved”  


“I don’t f*ck wit no leeches I stay on bleachers, cause I can see them watching!!  

The last track is “Drill” which is a anything goes exhibition of a track. The two attack the beat with what appears to be pure aggression. It’s as though the two had been holding back their aggressive side and let it all out for this track. The two beasts are now in full attack mode and no one is safe! Containing lyrics such as 


“November baby I’m a pilgrim, crossbow at his neck...DISMISS HIM”.  

“I evict your heart like you got 30 days”  

“I don’t really got out my mind but when I do I still move discreet”  


“I give him a slug and he flat” 

“You n*gga ain’t nothin but rap, I mean sh*t I’m just keeping it facts”. 

“I got hoes on they knees like a séance” 

“Keep on sleeping just know that I’m s****** try to run I’m a blow out his back” 

It’s clear from this collaborative effort these two are nothing less than stars with talent that packs more than a few punches. MarleeNueve sets a standard for collaborative projects, the two artists mix together like salt and pepper, being able to do no wrong on this project. If you’re looking for really good music, this would be a great listen! MarleeNueve is out now on Apple Music and Spotify! Hit the links below!

Apple Music


Social Media: @Marlee_Savage @CloudyxNueve


So Fresh and so...Dirty?! 

Written By Monte Hieke

GUCCISEATBELTS releases new music with his EP “GUCCI 2DIRTYY DA EP”. The Carolina based artist who started making waves with his song “DOUBLE CUP” is continuing with a sound that can be described as a horror core and sometimes grimy style of rap. The project features 5 songs produced by 2DIRTYY, a producer who has done work artists such as Stunna 4 Vegas, Lil Keed, and MoneyMarr to name a few. The artist has been releasing music back to back after what seemed to be a Hiatus, notable songs leading up to the project “GEEK’D UP”, “MAS O MENOS, “WYA”, “BIG GUCCI DOLAN”, based off those tracks alone it’s safe to say that GUCCISEATBELTS hasn’t missed a beat. He comes back with a vengeance, his craft being a sharpened blade after the release of songs along with a playlist containing two songs with produce Dolan Beatz a star studded producer who has worked with the likes of Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage, Chief Keef, Q Da Fool, and Lil Yachty.  

Instagram~ @Bigguccifrom059 

The first song on the EP “NOT WORRIED” which begins with a spacey beat followed up by piano keys prepping you for GUCCI’s calm yet aggressive vocals. The track contains a energy and cadence that has not yet been tapped in music. A few lyrics like “I’m looking at him...he look worried, and I’m shipping them packs in a hurry, and you gonna rob who? I ain’t worried..”/“I hopped in the streets with a purpose”. The track is short and to the point, the opening track is a calm before the storm.  

“TAKE IT” The second song on the EP is where Gucci is carrying you with his no holds barred gritty nightmare like style, holding your attention with the hook carrying lyrics such as “I came from the bottom just like a basement, I had trials and tribulations had to face it” as well as “I stay with the blues like a smooth Jazz man” not to give too much away but it’s a “smooth” transition to the next track to say the least.  

GET IN DERE” is the next track and The artist gets in his pocket which sounds like GUCCISEATBELTS is just having his way with the beat, the consistency on this track is undeniable, the track itself sounds like a hard hitting b side track, nothing too flashy just a show of pure skill and execution. A few notable lyrics are “My b*tch gone hit yours with a strap on”  I’m the type to like to pick a bone, and address me as king I’m on throne”.  

“KLIP” Is a iconic banger “I’m bout to bust a klip, no beyblade I’m a let it rip” as the beat is being relentlessly attacked. The Adlibs are both unique and perfectly timed. In the introduction of the song you can hear a knocking on the door, and GUCCI is certainly at your door with hard hitting base and a bag full of horrors. If you were calm before you will definitely be sprung with energy when hearing this track. The self proclaimed “YOUNG ACTIVE N ATTRACTIVE” artist is talking his talk on this one with lyrics like “cookies in my blunt no chocolate chip”/“smoking up in a Lyft”/“your music is trash you need to quit!”.  

The final track is titled “MALIK ABU” named after the professional basketball player, “that’s my brother”. The energy is continued giving you no time to relax “He feeling gangsta! He feel like a man today”. The song is easily remembered from start to finish “I was up on the block like I’m in the paint, had to cut it out for my momma sake” as always though the music may be perceived as aggressive there is always a message here and there from the artist.  Other lyrics like “N*ggas don’t know me from a can of paint” distancing himself from over friendly artists, there are zero features on this project and this may be a possible nod to that, the song continues to have gutta like themes following up with”I slam dunk on a b*tch Malik Abu” /“ Pop a perc but pop two, and then eat up the flow they addicted to”. The song is a stand alone hit finishing deadly and wanting more by the end of it all!  
GUCCI 2DIRTYY is a superior effort and it doesn’t cut corners. The beats are consistent and so is GUCCI’s flow, the cadence, rhyme scheme, and adlibs are all foreign to what you may be programmed to, safe to say it’s unique and original. The Project feels authentic to who the artist really is, refusing to disappoint. It won’t matter what kind of say you’re having or where you are, once you play this project you will enter the the world of GUCCISEATBELTS. It’s a dark amusement park with scary themes but invigorating rides. You will have a good time but this isn’t a tape for those who scare easy. The project has shown the artists is in his own lane that possibly few could pull off, but you better bring your A-Game because the artists has honed his craft. If you’re looking for something refreshing and original this is the project to listen to “GUCCI 2DIRTYY DA EP”



Mash The Gas!!! 

Written By Monte Hieke

The much anticipated collaboration of LesTheGenius & Cloudy Nueve was released at midnight of October 11th. The song starts with a spacey introduction met with a tag from Carolina’s own Pr0ducerR0b (social media: Thatshitsoundlikerob). Then a powerful hook with some lyrics being “people getting high to escape the lows now”, “when I’m feeling so alive it get hard to slow down”. The song which tackles the use of drugs and lows of transitioning towards success.  

(Social Media: @LesTheGenius)  

LesTheGenius gets into his bag with the verse containing lyrics like “N*ggas can’t make do, blame you/ you ain’t the same dude, ain’t true” “N*ggas will switch up the moment you on” The song will undoubtedly reassure you of your journey to the top of whatever you’re pursuing. You are smoothly navigated through the song by Lesthegenius and his unique sound. The song is then introduced to Cloudy Nueve’s bullseye of a feature. Cloudy who recently dropped a bombshell of a project “Cloudy With a Chance Pt. III” never disappointing with room for more. He delivers his guest verse with charisma and veteran like skill.  

(Social Media: @cloudyxnueve) 

The artist with lyrics such as “I was juggin outside freezing hands in my sleeve”/“n*ggas tell me worry bout me but I’ll be satisfied when all my n*ggas free”.  The two artists sound at home together, hopefully this won’t be the last time we these two collab! Are you on the grind? Need some motivation? Go listen to “Slow Down” on all streaming platforms. 

Slow Down Link

New Music From The Carolinas #NewMusicFridays 

@youngjyro ~ Instagram  

Written By Monte Hieke 

Artist YoungJyro drops a banger of a track “Kaitlyn No” which features Frequent collaborator YPG(Sm/@whoisypg), together going under the name “BadGhettoKids”. The 19 year old artist takes you on a trip over piano keys and a hard hitting base as he continues his hustle through music while balancing his love interest. The future seems bright for this upcoming artists. Through controversy over his name and apparent “beef” in the area. Young Jyro uses the negativity to fuel his passion for music. The song detailing his struggles as well as his triumphs it’s both a song of reflection and motivation. When asked what message he would like listeners to get from his music he said “Dont let a situation bring you down because its only temporary and for the better, Everything happens for a reason”. Young Jyro who’s been working on music a year and half has the confidence and cadence of a well seasoned artist! If you need to get through a tough time give this song a listen, the artist has been consistently building up to a catalogue and has a sound selection of music to go through. The song “Kaitlyn No” amongst other songs like “Rockstar Dreams”, and “Coolin Kit”that showcase his talent are available on Apple Music as well as Spotify.

YoungJyro Music

What’s a Couple Thousand?! 


Written By Monte Hieke

August 21st, 2019 wasn’t the first show for some of the members of Couple Thousand (CT) but it was a impactful one. Couple Thousand Summers managed to have a venue packed and ready for a show, and that’s what was delivered...but who and what is Couple Thousand? The what, would be a movement that was started by frontman D1G CoupleThousand alongside Raheem and Dezzi, this way of life consists of being a family, not leeching, or clout chasing but putting in the work to do whatever you’re trying to do with the open arms to support others. 

(D1G, Founder, Age 19, Social Media/@D1GCoupleThousand, Born in Florida, growing up in Broward County) As of October 1, 2019 D1G Couple Thousand has over 90,000 streams on Sound Cloud.  

Things such as race, or social relevance has nothing to do with being apart of the movement, it solely has to do with working hard to accomplish your goals. The underline theme is working together and lifting each other up. A few Couple Thousand members include D1G Couple Thousand, Dezzi, Los, 4orty Thoux Fountain, Raheem, Fendi, Lil Bobby, Rich Sole 4200, Clip, Yungwop and this is just to name a few of the collective. Though all of the core members do not make music, the bond isn’t anything less amongst the movement. The majority of the members know one another from High School, would come together to follow this movement in order become a system. The movement got started about two and a half, plus, years ago where D1G Couple Thousand was “chanting it (Couple Thousand) like my life depended on it”. Around this time the core founder of the movement D1G would freestyle and make songs from his phone that would reach about 1,000 plays at that time.  

As he went on to record in the studio he would begin to see the lifestyle of being an artist. He saw the likes of Bass Santanna and Flyboy. Watching their process and to see how much fun it was he would begin to take rap more seriously “I was literally just freestyling everyday and I realized I had a talent for it, I got to turn these freestyles into money because I got it”. This leading him on his path, D1G CoupleThousand thought of his name from taking D from his nickname DJ and adding 1-G, though it was his friend Raheem (another core member of the movement) who thought to add Couple Thousand. During this time he would add followers to Couple Thousand, one of the first artists being Fend!. “Couple Thousand was me & Fend! Working and grinding, going to 4orty everyday!” -D1G 

(Left to right: D1G CoupleThousand, Fend!) 

Fend! Who would live in Florida for a time as well, moved to NC about 7 years ago. Fend! was fueled to do music when he realized he had a good ear for music. Though he didn’t seriously start pursuing it until the passing of his older brother. His upbringing was no where close to easy, though Fend! continues on, while stating his passion for music also “I just want my momma to be straight.” While in high school he would meet D1G, watching him make music and putting in work for his aspirations, “I saw what he was doing and I respected it”. The two got along well and would continue to bond when eventually making music. Fend! Sights that working with Pr0ducer Rob at LMG studio (now Oak City Studio), as well as seeing the success of Lo$t Generation and Cloudy Nueve has played a part in his motivation to succeed. “I think what they do is hard! Like the music is hard, they’re not playing with this sh*t”. We can look forward to an album from the young artists where we can expect new sounds which are inspiring and all around good music.  

(Fendi: Age 18, Social Media/ @Fendiwatergun ,originally from Florida)Fendi sometimes stylized as Fend! As of October 1, 2019 has over 36,000 streams on SoundCloud.  

(4orty Thoux Fountain or 4orty for short, Age 17, Social Media/ @4ortythoux) 4orty Thoux Fountain or just 4orty has been able to work with some of NC’s heavy hitters, Dylvinci as well as having unleashed music with Cloudy Nueve and The Lo$t Generation’s Jaheal.  

“4orty is kind of like the glue, he does a good job of keeping us all together”- Lil Bobby. The trio would go on to make tracks like “F*ck The Ops”, “Flash”, and “Envy Me”. These tracks together come up to about 68,000 plays as of October 1, 2019. 4orty is originally from Cary but explains he’s moved around North Carolina a few times. Growing up “we weren’t in the nicest house, but... affordable”. From being around farm life to a trailer and also living in Louisburg, NC. He gives a lot of credit to his culture in Henderson. 4orty explains it can be really grimey or a lot of hospitality depending on where you go in the area. Though he eventually moved to Wake Forest in 2010. The young artist would start making music at 13 and composing music at 15. What sparked his passion to do music was listening to electronic music in the 7th grade which made him wonder how the sounds were being made. At some point he would begin working with D1G and would become apart of Couple Thousand. “ I wasn’t around when it started, but I met Fend! my junior year and now we’re here.” 4orty produces or has produced for majority of Couple Thousand. While also wearing the hats of engineer and businessman. 4orty was with Lil Bobby when they were making the decision to throw a show.  After doing some research the two met up with a venue owner to secure a show date. 4orty making the connections and sealing the deals, while Lil Bobby acted as back up as well as business partner.  

(Lil Bobby: Age 18, Social Media/@_.lil_bobby._ Originally from Raleigh North Carolina) 

Lil Bobby is still very early on in the music scene but has been able to throw his own show and has shown great potential in his music. This show is another example and it’s safe to say this won’t be the last. Lil Bobby is 18 years old and has been making music since September of last year. When asked what made him want to pursue music he said “I don’t really know, something told me to do music, I wanted to be more than a black kid from the projects.” He would also add “growing up was pretty rough, but it could always be worse”.  

(Left to Right: 4orty Thoux Fountain,Clip,Lil Bobby)  

Lil Bobby would be exposed to negativity due to his surroundings growing up and took it upon his self to rise above. To the extent of arranging for him and his friends to perform at a pool party when he started making music. “I told her{the person throwing the pool party} you should let me and my people perform”. Lil Bobby’s resolve to succeed seems to be what dreams are made of. He continues to develop his sound to be “more than a SoundCloud rapper”, and he strives  to prove that. Notable songs like “F*ck it up”, “238”, & “Doc Mcstuffins”.  

(Clip: Age 17, Originally from Raleigh, North Carolina) Clip has been making music since 2017 but as of October 2019 has been streamed over 40,000 times on SoundCloud.  

The members of the movement want to make it very clear that this is not a rap group but a family and way of life. The collective would go on to rock their show with their cohorts showing their hard work “we had nothing but a name, we built from there”- Fend!.  

(Left to Right: Lil Bobby, Clip, Yungwop) Yungwop, 19 years old, as of October 1, 2019 has been streamed over 70,000 times on SoundCloud. Though recently his account and music was taken down, he continues to release music on his new account. (Social Media: @yungwop) 

Amongst the performers was Raleigh native Yungwop. Yungwop when ask how he became apart of (CT) he said “Honestly bro me and D1G go back, Bruh was showing me his music in class  I used to listen to his music in class  We started kicking it and making music together.” Yungwop was eager to perform saying “It was awesome I could do this for the rest of my life”. The artist who’s been rapping since 11 but has been making music since the 11th grade would go on to rock the stage along with his brothers. “We’re all our own people but come together as one”. 

Couple Thousand intends to keep going strong after a successful show, with plans for many more down the line. It’s also been said that a Album may come from the collective soon. Though the collective is full of different sounds and background but pack one heck of a punch together. They have one show down in the books with much more in store for the future. That only pegs the question, what are obstacles to a Couple Thousand? Stay in tune as they show and prove!  

Music Links below!  

D1G CoupleThousand’s Music

Fend!’s Music
4orty Thoux’s Music

Lil Bobby’s Music

Yungwop’s Music

Clip’s Music

Rich Sole 4200

The Love Lost... 


Written By Monte Hieke 

JUIC3BOY releases a much anticipated EP LOST FOR LOVE. The 5 track EP is a mixture of Neo Soul and it’s parent genre, contemporary R&B. The Canadian based artist pulls no punches with this project, giving you feels that will shake you to your core. JUIC3BOY put his heart out for everyone to hear, being honest with himself and the listeners. 

**Instagram: @_juic3boy** 

The first track on the project is “Irreplaceable”, which is a song where the artist is fighting to get the love of his life back “girl you’re irreplaceable and I want to let you know you’re the one I still adore cause you’re all that I’m yearning for”. The catchy song is smooth and rhythmic to say the least, you can feel the conviction in his feelings along with his urgency to get back that love.While it does set a strong tone it won’t be the only highlight of the project.  

“Call on Me” The second track, that follows up perfect from the first, the beat picks up the pace on this and JUIC3BOY doesn’t lose his mark with lyrics like “Call on me Baby, I’ll do anything for you, if you riding for me” “I’ll be the guy that you been praying to the lord for”. This is a monster of a track as well as an anthem.  

The third Track “Habibti’s Heartbreak” features Soji Joseph, the only feature on the project. It starts with a verse from Soji who describes being interested in someone with a different religious belief.  Soji being a guess appearance makes his self at home, not sounding out of place at all on this track. The song itself describes wanting to be with someone who’s playing games or lacking commitment. “Stop playing games we can’t go on doing these  things” “wasted all my love for you to make me happy” JUIC3BOY continues to describe the confusion and struggle to be with this love interest despite differences and complications. 

The next song being “Ready or Not?” Slows things down a bit. “I ain’t trying to wait a long time” “you know my intentions” “baby are you ready or not?”. Yet another cohesive follow where the last track talks about mixed signals and intentions, here is a track that gets track to the point. Vividly through song expressing the emotions of no longer wanting to beat around the bush, but being in a commitment. The artist does a great job of distinctly providing his  perspective on the matter in a relatable way.  

“B.O.M.O” is the last but no where close to being least. In some cases it’s expected for some artist to put a throwaway or something minor at the end of their project but this isn’t the case here. “Better On My Own” is a track that puts the finishing touch on what has been an emotional rollercoaster of a EP. As the title suggest after facing ups and downs, the artist brings it full circle with a song about being better on your own. It’s a bit of a mixture of every element you’ve heard so far, executing in cohesiveness.  

LOST FOR LOVE is a soulful project with a consistent sound. A boring moment is without a doubt nonexistent, every track sounding single worthy. The artist outdoes himself in every song. Stream LOST FOR LOVE now available on every platform it’s worth the listen. 

Lost For Love Link

Tik...Tik... Boom!!!! 

Written By Monte Hieke


North Carolina’s own Steezie has dropped his project “Dynamite” the artist who’s originally from Zimbabwe, gives us a cohesive body of work that effectively set Steezie apart from the crowd. Which shouldn’t be a surprise, having his hand in engineering, and production throughout majority of the project. The jack of all trades who has been doing music for 10 years has stated “I feel reborn, I feel new”, and it feels that way, this project is extremely energy driven. There isn’t a track where you don’t feel every word that Steezie is saying.  

The 12 track project has eye catching features from Sangastaa, Spaceman Stu, Jonna’s Aura, Four, Woosy, Jondacom, King Roheuax, and Marco Luka as well as bangers left and right. To name a few the project starts with a song under the same name as the project “DYNAMITE” which sounds as if you’ve entered a stratosphere, Steezie hits the ground running with this track that’s infectious with its vibe and easy going spacey production. Though the beat may be easy going it’s spacey sound meets with Steezie who makes the beat all the more enjoyable. Dynamite is nothing short of single quality, and a great introduction to the project.  

The second track “DISTANT” which features Sangstaa is a song about the strain of relations vs ambition, Steezie is really laying down his emotions unapologetically on this track which is backed up with a rapid fire verse from Sangstaa, with a mixture of R&B and Trap the two mix together like a dynamic duo of mixed genres. Though the song is a change of pace in topic, it doesn’t change the overall vibe that the project has to offer.  

Other tracks such as IDOYS, NYMPHO, and OFF THE METER a track that features a hard hitting verse from Spaceman Stu are all songs that are guaranteed to make your head nod. Though the songs could all be considered a smash, Steezie gives us some bars too. In particular the track ATTITUDE, you hear more from this artist’s arsenal, giving us a showcase of his lyricism and ability to flow. The different flows he demonstrates throughout this creative effort shows just how versatile the artist is, like a chameleon blending into it’s background, the different genres and styles won’t make you feel out of place on Dynamite.  

In other cuts, there are songs such as RAIN INTERLUDE, HOW I’M FEELING, and OPTIONS. Where DYNAMITE makes you feel like you’ve entered the stratosphere, on these tracks it’s as if you’re on another planet. Sonically putting you in a trance, the melodies, and sounds you hear home in on you in a way that’s both memorable and refreshing to say the least. This is pure album quality music, pinning Steezie in a upper class level of artistry. If you’re looking for something different, Steezie’s Dynamite project brings innovation and creative sounds you won’t find anywhere else. Go give it a listen!! Dynamite is now available on all streaming platforms.

Social Media: @iamsteezie


Don’t Know BBO?!! 

Written By Monte Hieke

If you don’t know BBO which stands for Bad Bitches Only, GET TO KNOW THEM, the duo which have known each other for over 3 years consists of Baby K and LexFlex. They recently released visuals for the banger of a track “40s N Rugerz”! The track starts off with a hook that immediately hones in on the listener. This song from start to finish is infectious, making you want to hit replay after the first listen. The beat which has hard bass and helps the track live up to banger status is produced by SethInTheKitchen. 

Lex Flex(left) Baby K(right)  

Eye Catching Lyrics such as “I’m in the cut with my shooters, mac, dracos, got 40s & Rugers”, “you wasting my time, get kicked to the curve boy you got to go” ,and “stashing your body up under the pool pit”. The first to kick things off is Lex Flex who comes on the beat cocky as she rides the beat with ease, a rowdy yet fun, cool headed and aggressive verse with a superb flow which feels wholesome and iconic enough to leave you wanting more. After being locked in the hook once again, Baby K makes her presence felt as well, with a mixture of feisty and confident, shows you early she’s not to be slept on coming in with pure energy and lines that will stay stuck in your head. The two reach synchrony on this track but are like fire and ice finding ways to still add in attention grabbing talents that set them apart, whether that be energy or word play, this group sounds great together.  

Though still early in their career the group is breaking more than 70,000 streams on SoundCloud alone as well as looks from media outlets such as DJ Smallz Eyes and Fucious TV, the  duo is laying down the ground work to be an outstanding movement. 40s N Rugerz is just a glimpse into what the group is capable, other notable tracks such as “No More”, “FRAUDS”,  and “Lil Bitch” shines light on their versatility. BBO can give you grimy trap, bars, or a more vulnerable side depending on what they want to pull out of their arsenal. It’s easy to hear as well as see that based on the triple threat these aren’t the girls you want to mess with. Artists based out of Raleigh but not allowing that to hold them back, having shows in the area as well as making waves in Atlanta, the future is surely bright for BBO. Listening to “40s N Rugerz” on all streaming platforms or watch the video out now YouTube.

Instagram: @leeexflex @babykbabyy @therealbbo