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The Legacy of Mr. Impossible 

Written By Monte Hieke Jr.

The clothing line Arturo Rose is back with another release this season with the “Legacy collection”. The color way for spring include blue, purple, white, and red and amongst others if you include his signature abstract designs which represents the many phases of mental health as well as what it means to build a legacy. 23 year old designer for Arturo Rose, A.R. Mauriella who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder continues to work hard as a fashion designer and Campbell University student (graduating in May of this year). 2021 as explained by Mauriella has been his most difficult, a side from being a college student, there has been a few internal and external personal issues, while that has made him a bit of a commodity it has also made things more difficult to pursue his dreams, leaving him in what can be looked at as an emotional shut down creatively. While still in a year of heavy adversity the young designer expresses how “I’ve had to overcome so much, I’m in a spot where I feel like I’m back on my feet, my confidence is there”. 

artist GomrPercfect featured in inventory shoot for Arturo Rose’s legacy collection

Though he is known for his advocacy of mental health awareness, his designs are truly more than meets the eye, when asked how Legacy ties into his brand overall he states “It correlates because my designs represent legacy and the many names that I’m using, my name and my designs, to tell the story of my family”. In essence each design is a story being told making the clothing that much more abstract. In the face of adversity he pushed his back from against the wall saying “They’ll tell you that being emotional is a weakness and you can’t have too many emotions/feelings , but you can’t see the beauty of life without emotion”. A.R. Maurella used the emotions of sadness, frustration, and disappointment as a motivator which landed him a featured spot in his school’s magazine. It was perseverance that got the designer to this point, admitting to the fact he had reached his lowest point, "that experience ironically turned me into the best version of myself and I’m starting to see the fruits of my labor", he felt the need to redeem himself for this. When asked what he learned from his resilience he says “self growth and self awareness is essential to becoming the person you want to become whether it’s a better man , better father , better designer , human being , etc.”.

one of my favorite items from this new collection is the orange tote bag

Pushing the envelope creatively from his new found growth took priority as part of his “redemption”, feeling he had to come back and prove to himself that nothing could stop him Mauriella gives us stunning new looks with this capsule. When asked what’s to come he says “I’ll continue to expand what Arturo Rose is, I plan on doing a lot more things as a designer", being inspired by the grind despite his hardships he states “I’ve grown into an entire different entity, I’m doing art and furniture now and branching Arturo Rose and my artistic expression out into different endeavors”. In light of those endeavors, it would appear he has been building a team, though he wouldn’t give it away at the time there may be a book in the works. After Hosting his first pop up shop on March 28th at the One of One Boutique on E. Cabarrus Street in downtown Raleigh meant to be a place where “people can network have a good time”, this pop up included the new collection, art, furniture, music, and food for all to enjoy the designer/entrepreneur sets his sights on the “future”. The anticipation was high for the pop up shop but it was only a glimpse of what’s to come, with cameramen always at the ready, there was times during the interview where Mauriella would go off to answer questions from a cameraman, a documentary in the works perhaps?  As the interview continued he states the advice he would give to others is “use everything you can all of your potential to solidify, to strengthen your legacy, you’re always influencing others with everything you do and you can influence others as a person so make sure it’s something good”. In the case of A.R. Mauriella no one is above pit falls so no one is below redemption, check out this powerful new collection from the designer down below.



#NewButTrue : Tiny with A Big Heart 

Written By Monte Hieke Jr. 

19 year old artist Tinythedemon is an aspiring artist and the first to break in our new category New But True. New But True is where we take a relatively new artist and track their progress as they continue to grow and mold themselves as artist. Tiny who is from “you know where I came from” Rocky Mount, North Carolina has been free-styling for as long as he can remember. He describes his ability to freestyle as second nature to speaking but it wasn’t until sometime last year he decided to put his skills to the test and freestyle to a beat. The first track being “Reminiscing” showcases his ability to freestyle with the track being a little over a minute and a half, his motivation for his new found love of rap being “the way music makes me feel music is like my distraction from chaos and mishap and crazy S*@t going on like when I record it just makes me feel invincible”.

Notable Lyrics: 

I was on some block sh*t 

I was trying to get ain’t no mutha f**k’n stoppin 

I was flippin’ sh*t but I was f*ckin up the profit” 

Feeling like I’m running out of time I had to watch it” 

If you knew my story 

you wouldn’t want all this pain and sorrow” 

You ain’t never woke up wondering what the f*ck you gone eat tomorrow

Being inspired by “old school music tbh I like the new culture of rap and trap music but I really like old school music because it seems like back then it’s wasn’t a bad thing to just be yourself have your own flow” the artist has been working tirelessly on his craft gearing up for a release in the near future. The artist has recently submitted tracks to Spark The Dope which show incredible potential, Tiny explains his short term goals as “to be able to sit back and just watch my whole hood turn up to my s**t and my goal is to use music to put me in to position to help and lift others financially and mentally”. Though when it’s all said and done “I see myself sitting back looking over all my accomplishments with a big smile on my face ‼️”. It may still be earlier in this young artist’s path to greatness but he has his eyes on the prize as he sharpens his skills each day. Tinythedemon is putting the city on his back as he continues his music endeavors, check out this young artist down below and stay tuned... This won’t be the last time you hear about Tinythedemon!!




The Price Of Pain 

Written By Monte Hieke Jr. 

Good Day Carolina!! F4rty Oz has come back around with something truly great! After the two had been spotted a few times in the studio via each other’s social media, the long anticipated collab is here between F4rty Oz and NOAHH with “Pain”. This release is a testament to the artist’s versatility NOAHH being able to effortlessly bring a pop star like aesthetic to hip hop and vice and versa, F4rty show’s he can truly bring forth a multitude of things to the table. This release is following up the EP “No Time” which dropped in February, housing tracks like “FOR YOU”, “2021 INTRO”, and “BLOUDMAS”, he takes the momentum from that project to deliver this highly requested collab. when asked how this track came to be F4rty says “me and Noah hadn’t seen each other in awhile , and take  time apart from everyday lives to see how how each other is doing though out the weak. We decided to make pain to shock the world”.

F4rty Oz

Notable Lyrics:⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ 

This is Ice Cream 

Double C holding up my waist 

I can tell my your past you feel the same 

I can tell by your drive you switching lanes” 

Know I Be with some Bs like honor roll” 

You type see a opp don’t say nun 

Bet you working that minimum wage 

if you ain’t got the cash better shake sum 

we still got money to make” 

Can you feel my pain?” 

I lied I said I’m okay

The two artists both sharing a bond with the late Cloudy Nueve, the artist says the inspiration behind this track was personal stating “What inspired this track was the fact Cloudy Nueve brought us together and we should be taking advantage of it to its fullest ability”. Though these two were brought together through a mutual friend, they’ve developed a bond of their own when speaking of the recording process the artist says “The recording process was literally 2/11 and good vibes”. “Pain” sees the two artists go back to back in a little over two minutes displaying a glimpse of what these two are made of NOAHH who is known for his efforts as a member of The Lo$t Generation, is featured on this track and makes this appearance after the release of his project “Noahh’s Ark”. “Noahh’s ARK” is a monstrous project which gives us tracks like “Couple Racks”, “Ramen Noodles”, and “U Forgot”.


Notable Lyrics:⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ 

If I see you tripping I’m a pick you up 

Sipping on this 2/11 got me fu**ed up” 

If I’m jeans I’m probably lacking up the chucks 

Probably lacing up my shirt and then you see the **** tucked” 

Swear the karma real 

That’s why they running out of luck 

Middle fingers up because I never gave f**k"

The track itself acts a preview of things to come while being short and sweet the chemistry these two have is a testament to their camaraderie.  The two sound like a match made in heaven feeding off of each other’s energy, this chemistry can also be seen in the visuals directed by Sheeraz Balushi, F4rty describing the shoot as “very natural, the video was literally a walk in a park, Sheeraz amazing”. Overall the “Pain” is a bop that mixes the two worlds of NOAHH & F4rty perfectly, though the energy they bring to a track can be as different as night and day, they’ve somehow created an eclipse. Though F4rty’s lyrics about trapping and conveyance of mental health is right up his alley, the way NOAHH matches energy one could ask, did F4rty bring NOAHH to the trap or did NOAHH bring F4rty? It’s just that good a combination, as for what’s next for these two, "Noahh’s Ark Deluxe Edition" is said to be released sometime this year as for F4rty OzI’m just working on features . Trying to reach out to more artists in surrounding cities and other states, you could look forward to me and Durty buntai collabing with TLG”. There’s much in store in the future for these two but for now check out this new banger of a track “Pain” as well as the visuals down below! Thank us later!



Music Video


A Green's Dream 

Written By Monte Hieke Jr.

Recently three artists were brought together by chance to deliver an out of this world project entitled “Evergreen”. The project is 6 tracks long with artists Christian James & John E Boi on vocals and Kodiak Soul on production. The artist Christian James (23) has been rapping for about 11 years, with a style sometimes melodic, comes off smooth, embodying prestige and elegance he follows up his smash track “Beach” with this collaborative effort. John E Boy (26) is an artist originally from Queens, NY who has been rapping since the 4th grade, his style is very in your face, not to brag but to show you what he’s been through, his charming personality and charisma makes him relatable, he’s just a likeable guy no matter how you cut it, effortlessly depicting his emotions through rhyme schemes, when he raps you’re going to want hear it. The last but far from least in this trio is producer Kodiak Soul (28) who's been been producing since the age of 20, with about 8 years under his belt his unique sound when creating a beat speaks for itself containing heavy instrumentation such as guitar and piano, his production is truly "soul"ful. 

(Christian James): Recommended Tracks - "Beach", "Too Smooth", "Elegance", "Junie B. Jones"

Notable Tracks: 

Amore Andato ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

Orange 97’ ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

Pink Lemonade ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

HIT THE TOWN⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

(John E Boy): Recommended Tracks- "Al Pacino", 'Demons", "Live It", "Day Drunk"

It may surprise many to know that this isn't the first time this trio has come together, the single "Shine" is what started it all "after shine had some success we wanted to make a full project and that's kinda how evergreen started to take shape" says Soul. It was after this "we all got an air bnb in Asheville In the Peak of COVID, we all got tested"(John E Boy), from there it was on, finishing the project in a little over two days, the process was just as unique as the tracks delivered. "We did something similar to how Kanye recorded my beautiful dark twisted where every morning the group would eat breakfast together and talk about the previous nights sessions"(Kodiak Soul). This intimate level of music creation gave birth to something truly special with everyone taking something from the experience "I realized everything you write and record has tangible impact and you can inspire yourself and others more than you anticipate in the moment and I realized music is also manifesting and create real change in your life"(Christian James). The project itself starts off with the track 'Gold Standard" which is a full on display of the opposing styles as the John E & Christian go bar for bar. The beat on this track is feels truly cinematic, feeling bigger than life, as the clash of these titans ensues this spectacle is only a calm before the storm.

(Kodiak Soul) - Recommended "Summer Breeze", "Cozy Tapes EP", "Mr.Happy"

The next track is "Pink Lemonade", While the "Gold Standard starts the project off, "Pink Lemonade" sets the tone of the project! "My favorite track is pink lemonade because it’s fun and exciting but also has very real topics that get covered and it’s the song that really represents well what the project is as a whole and that is fun but also a serious introspection of pain and life"(Christian James). There are no holes in this track being a burst of creativity and fun, but not without hardships, it fully embodies life and what it could be. "Pink Lemonade" acts as center piece, if the other tracks were chess pieces, this would be the King, with a smooth transition to a beat switch up mid track, you'll certainly enjoy this one. The  next track "Amore Andato" John E Boy takes the lead and it's amazing, the artist gives a masterful performance, showing just where his strengths are on this track, if you're looking for a dose of reality John is the one to give it to you, the feelings were so pure on this track, as if there was any question, he can stand on his own if need be. It's in the next track "Orange 97'" where Christian James displays the same, sounding comfortable as ever as he picks the track apart in classic fashion, giving bars and melodies with high class style.

Coming in close to last is "Hit The Town" which features Chico & Daniela Patino, If "Pink Lemonade" is the king, "Hit The Town" is the queen, the most powerful on the board. This track simply feels good with too much culture to spoil, this is a highly recommended listen. The track is a smash with immediate replay value, every artist involved was in sync for this effort. From the production to the explosive chorus and verses, "Hit The Town" is a fire starter and you're bound to get moving! The last track but not least has that old Hip-Hop feel, with John E Boy, Christian James, and Kodiak Soul finishing off the project the right way with "Pond". It's not too often where you get a chance to enjoy the production as the artists show what their made of, rapping without any gimmicks, or basic lines about balling or being the trap all day, it's just a great beat partnered with amazing rapping.

The final verdict? overall "Evergreen" sounds like a classic, if you skip you'll miss something great, to receive such a wholesome project in the of a Ep is truly a gem. Though the artists steal the show there is one more person responsible and deserves their due "Coleman who's kinda like our glue guy was the guy who put us all together, me and him went to school together at uncc then he knew John e boy, and our other friend from uncc knew Christian".

"Coleman was the faciltior for most of that then after breakfast everyone had free time to get right before locking back from basically 4pm to 4am each night,  he's kinda like the creative director I guess umm he doesn't actually do anything with the music but he kinda keeps everyone on the same page, he also helps with the stories and visual for the music videos". In addition to the project, the visual for the track “Gold Standard”  has been released acting something of a short film, giving you something to look forward to for the next. If you love music, no matter what you're in to "Evergreen" is housing something people are taking for granted, genuinely good music... Check it out below!



Gold Standard

Behind The Smoke & Mirrors 

Written By Monte Hieke Jr.

Jacarí is a artist who was born in Palm Bay, Florida but raised in Raleigh, North Carolina delivered the EP “Smoke & Mirrors”. This 7 track project serves as an introduction to the young 21 year old artist and his music. Jacarí has a sound as well as production style like no other, housing a sound that’s seemingly came from the future, listening to a track is like being on a constant trip through space. His tracks being a gateway to a vortex through space time, this young artist is something to see and even more to hear, with over 32,000 streams on soundcloud alone. The uniqueness in his music was something the artist developed with time, in the past releasing tracks like “Don’t Get Me Excited Ft. Cloudy Nueve”, “A Star...”, & “Hail Mary” all produced by the artist.

Notable Tracks: 


FALSE HOPE⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ 

LAVISH ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ 

BILLIE JEAN!⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ 


Smoke & Mirrors” makes a point to show how much the artist has matured, all the potential that might’ve caught your ear on his Soundcloud is becoming realized on this project. The production is as explosive as ever having chill vibes to ride to but leaves room to turn up and let everything  go! We soon find out where the versatility lies with the track  “Under Enemy Arms”, where the beat is carrying you into a cruise like relaxation before Jacarí bashes you across the head with his tenacious energy and bars with lines such as “shawty don’t catch no feelings I’m a catch this flight!”. Another explosive moment from the artist is “Billie Jean” proclaiming “F*ck my last year being broke this my first being rich!”, really laying his cards on the table, he holds nothing back on this project, it’s truly refreshing. Though far from a one trick pony Jacarí, while packing a punch with melodic vocals he gives us a track about staying focused like “Reign”.

There’s also tracks like “False Hope” containing his resolve to keep going despite his trial & tribulations with lines like “Try to live it up when I step outside, I could die today”, as well as “In Abundance” where the artist gives us boss talk, embodying tunnel vision with his eyes set on the end goal. All of his music is engulfed in his style tailored made for the artist by the artist. Overall “Smoke & Mirrors” despite only being an EP could easily pass as an album in today’s musical landscape, with only one song barely being over the two minute mark, the rest of his tracks are 3 minutes or more, much like his style he doesn’t fall into the pit hole of the shortened track lengths of today but he’s moving to the beat of his own drum. The switch from bars to melodies is something that can only be done efficiently overtime and Jacarí has put the time in, “Smoke & Mirrors” is a starting point for something incredible for all to be a part of, this is a highly recommended listen from the artist, to only deliver 7 tracks... the best is yet to come is an understatement. If this isn’t the last time seeing the name Jacarí don’t be surprised,  he has officially arrived and he’s coming for everything. Check out “Smoke & Mirrors” down below!!



A Slap for F4rty 

Written By Monte Hieke Jr.

F4rty talk to ‘em!!!!! New F4rty Oz out now! The long anticipated project “Detroit Slap Tape Vol:1” is here and the artist has shown the mastery of his style. It would have appeared as if the artist releases of singles were an omen of what’s to come. He has matured tremendously, with his style now being considerably flexible, this go round the artist is heard rapping on a wide range of beats in a seemingly effortless fashion, be it of today or old school. Though F4rty is no stranger to switching it up with the release of tracks like “The One” & “Nauseous”, ”DST Volume: 1” shows off the artist’s rapping ability, his unique rhyme scheme that listeners have come to know him for is tuned to perfection. While the EP is only 6 tracks, it feels wholesome, with tracks being arranged in a way to feel complete after listening.

Highly Recommended Tracks: 

****Shake It ft. Pablo Astronaut


****Fear None 


This EP feels like an introduction to something on the rise, this being a perfect segue into the artist at his core, with only one feature coming from NC artist Pablo Astronaut, this project accomplishes this feat. This possibly becoming a series of tapes in the future, he’s done more than outdone himself, presenting us the fruits of his labor. There isn’t a Dull moment with hit worthy tracks from start to finish, the pace doesn’t began to slow down until the end, reminiscent of a action packed movie allowing things to settle at the end.  The last project we received from him was “SS40” and his full length debut “Demons” which isn’t a project to take likely, with defining moments like “40 Gon’ Dump”, “N17”, “Never Lose Hope“ as well as “Fendi or Fact”,  this sounds miles apart. The originality of F4rty is refreshing, it’s cemented that you won’t find it anywhere other than the originator, and he’s only getting started, with there being sightings of the artist in the studio with artist Noahh, amongst others, the anticipation for music is high for the artist. “Detroit Slap Tape Vol:1” contains exactly what the title implies, a tape full of “slap”s. Check out some of his best work to date down below! It’s one for the books!





Written By Monte Hieke Jr.

JUSTOMOBBIN is back!! After the previous release of tracks like “Bonkers” which features Lo$t Gen. affiliate Brody J, “List of My Problems”, and “Hoes at the Beach” which features Dylan 333. JUSTO, is back once more to give some perspective. The track “Evolve” is nothing short of a nod to what really matters. In a style that’s known of the artist, the beat sounds nostalgic of something you would have heard in the early or mid 2000s, but JUSTO always finds a way to make those beats relevant with a flare of charisma and swag. “Evolve” is one of his most retrospective tracks to date, in a world that’s cluttered with the idea of what they see others have, be it social media or a classic case of “keeping up with the joneses”. Stylistically in a league of his own, we are getting a glimpse into the mind of the artist, starting off with a skit of sorts, the track continues with a graceful hook with a hint of truth.

It’s made clear that lyrics are still a thing of today, JUSTOMOBBIN shines light on some of the materialistic things we hold dear and what inspires them. Short and sweet, he gets his message across in a manner of two verses, with a few bars, but mainly a overall message, in veteran like fashion none of his punchlines or one liners deviate from the topic at hand.

Notable Lyrics: 


“They like diamonds on his neck  

N*gga, oh my God!  

How the f*ck he get that? He ain’t got no job  

N*gga focus on yourself or you won’t evolve 


No, you won’t evolve” 

“F*ck who copped the latest Jordan 

F*ck who bagged the baddest shorty 

If you ain’t talking commas 

Then to me, the topic boring 

y’all not elevating 

Y’all competing for the poorest” 

“I’m not tryna put you down  

just do better  

what my point  

point is 

you got two options like a coin flip 

Either actually try to make it  

Or be equal to opponents”  

“one man told me  

listen money isn’t everything  

with a hand full of dollars 

and a shorty with some diamond rings” 

“when it rain  

we pour 

bitch we live in drought  

bitch we live in doubt” 

“We can too far  

so n*gga why stop now”

This track is like a mine, full of gems going as far as the eyes could see, as long as you’re listening. “Evolve” comes after the hard hitting projects “The Mind of a Beatnik” & “ITS GETTING HARDER TO SMILE”, reminiscent of “FROWN”, JUSTO has matured and he’s been doing some evolving of his own. This time around his track pegs the questions of if money is everything, and is our envy of what others  have just feeding to our own delusions of grandeur, forgetting where we came from and becoming the very thing that flexed on us on the way to the top. JUSTOMOBBIN, has hit the nail on the head once more with a track that is aesthetically pleasing to listen to while dropping off life lessons on the way! Check out this outstanding new track down below! Available on all streaming platforms!! 




Savage Toot 

Written By Monte Hieke  

Raleigh, NC based artist Toot StLouis, is a uncut gem of a artist who’s been on a steady come up, with the charisma and bars to hang with any artist on a track. Originally from her hometown of Lauderdale Lakes, Florida the artist who began rapping at 6 but would later be inspired when “I went to a Trina da baddest bitch and Brianna perry concert back at Oswald park in my hometown Fl long time ago but watching them had me like ooh yeah that’s gone be me one day on stage performing” she continues “So At 13 I recorded my first trackwhen my brother took me to the studio, I never went back but a few times after then I wrote for about 5 years just writing no recording at 19 after loosing my brother I had the ambition to follow my heart by all means , and released my first project the Meek 7:8”. Toot StLouis would prove to be a sleeping beast, the artist would come to release bangers such as “Gone”, “Stop Talking”, as well as her freestyle “Panda” and “Aye (wat u mean)”. As well as projects “Savage Sixteen” and of course the prolific street Poetry that is “Triple 777”.  Her sound is that of real life events, things she has been through, seen, and heard, she confirms this saying “My mindset/ process if you want to call it that’s is set to be focused on me, every project I’ve done so far is like a chapter in my life so like it’s real & reality has its perks so I always try to use what’s going on around me in ways of incorporating it into my music bringing me back to my main focus”. Consistently showing her efficiency in this style by going bar for bar in each song, sometimes sounding as if she’s attacking the beat, sending bars your way that are as mean as the streets seemingly with ease. Though she sounds as confident as a vet on tracks she admits “my sound for sure comes naturally I don’t think I quite yet found my exact sound I’m almost there though sometimes it can depend on what alter ego I’m dealing with at the time”.

Highly Recommended Tracks: 


Intro GTA***** 


N a L (NotAverageLately)****** 



Since the release of “Triple 777”, she has been working on new music, that will undoubtedly be worth the wait. It wasn’t long ago when a track was previewed on her instagram story, sounding inspired as ever. The time away hasn’t been to her lack, preferring the long run over quick and hot with well over 30,000 streams across all streaming platforms in 2020 alone, she only continues to be a fine tuned force on the rise. When asked about what we could expect next from the boss lady herself she explains “Moving forward For sure expect new music new merchandise ! More visuals & Just expect more of me  lol ‼️yes a few special guest that I’m excited about I was able to work with wow & grateful thanks to you all! Outside of music I’m working on a few things , Much I can’t speak on at the moment but you will shortly see it”. Toot StLouis has a lot more in store for us and it’s bound to be something big, check out the latest from one of the most proficient rap artist around and more down below!!!  





Written By Monte Hieke  

HunnitBandKay (26) is an artist “born in NY, raised in Raleigh”, Brooklyn to be more specific, who happens to be deaf. “Tha Franchise Playa” hasn’t let that stop him, the artist has been writing raps since he was 13 years old, when asked what sparked his interest in music he details “My momma would say as a baby she used to put on Yo! MTV raps or BET because she figured it kept me quiet”. Though that sounds like magic happening it wasn’t easy to get to that point, when asked what were some of his obstacles coming up he states “learning how to hear and talk in my earlier years my speech was terrible so My momma consistently made me read out loud all the time and corrected me whenever I said something wrong and she stayed working with me”. Through these teachings and sheer determination, the artist would find his way to the booth, honing his craft but not quite taking music seriously until he was 18. The artist would begin releasing tracks as well visually alluring videos such as “Man Of The Hour” & “Black Rags Freestyle”. The artist hasn’t looked back since garnering a number of listeners doubling down on his resolve which lead to networking, gathering connections, and rocking shows!

Highly Recommended Listens: 

Black Flag Freestyle *** 

HunnitBandz On Me***** 




HunnitBandKay has lyrics pertaining to being someone from the bottom hungry to make it out, with gritty street elements, he doesn’t sugar coat where he from and what has to be done to survive. The artist enlist Fabolous as a influence stating “Fabolous the older I got the more I realize that I can relate to Fab cuz he a lowkey type same as me and he always settin trends and of course Ima fly guy so yea we relate a lot” he continues “outside of music Lebron James is my biggest inspiration”. Despite his obstacles growing up, his voice is as strong as Tungsten and Steel the way his words hit you, explaining “my momma and grandma used to work with me with my speech and testing my hearing it took a lot of reading out loud for my speech to be clear and it’s still not fully clear so I’m still at it”. Well believe what you hear! HunnitBandKay would go on to release tracks on YouTube such as “Gwalla”, “Lonely”, & “HunnitBandz On Me”, with the his EP “Hunnit” on the way listeners have been heavily anticipating the release of “$KR!LLA Freestyle” as well as this debut project. This artist is well on his way to the top, not only working diligently on a artist level but pushing his brand from a business standpoint working on clothing, videography, and marketing. This won’t be the last you see from HunnitBandKay, so be on the lookout and checkout more from the artist and his latest releases down below!!