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E Is For Elegant  

Written By Monte Hieke

Christian James is a artist from Raleigh, NC who has been rapping for 10 years and it shows. The artist who is only 22, brings back rap in a way that can only be seen as innovative and pure. Christian James states that he “started just for fun and something to do with my homies in the summer in highschool”. Though with the end result being the artist today, one can only imagine what those summer songs must have sounded like because this artist is only getting started and there’s doesn’t seem to be any loss of wind in his sails. The artist sounds energized and quite elegant to say the least.  

Christian James began making wakes in High School but he didn’t let that wave get to his head. Despite his boastful nature and bars of confidence he only used his wave to get better over time. The artist showing he’s in it for longevity never changed his way of making music putting in time while others may have taken a more microwaveable approach, this artist serves music like entrees, made to last. The artist known for tracks such as “Michael Spear-Lavish”, “John Lennon”, “Too Smooth”, and “Elegance”, continues to lead his charge of originality, “What sets me apart is, I really sound like no one else, my flow versatility, stage presence, and overall style you cant really find anywhere else”, and consistency with tracks that sound fun, inspiring, and at times a certain level of intimacy where he sounds like he’s talking to you one on one. There is further proof of this in his Tiny Desk Concert contest video, covering his track “Cinematic Day Dreams” which is available to watch on YouTube.  

Notable Songs & Lyrics: 

On My Mind: 

“Being with you makes me feel alive  

the greatest gift that you could give  

is giving precious time” 

“Your dad said hey don’t date a black guy  

you know they do not act right , the hood rats live a bad life”. 

“And Hate comes from that ignorance, ignorance is the needle that is threading through America makin racism lethal”

“He's black, I'm white like really what's the difference?
The difference is nothing you are just sickened Infected by the division that has segregated kids from meeting other kids and learning different ways to live

I hold true to my promises 

My pride I'll never swallow it, he’s black he's got a lot to give, and if you try stoppin me

I'm shootin you with hallow tips”

Young Elegance: 

“Contents in undergarments

stretch longer than 9 twizzlers

If you ain't watching, might find it in yo fine sister”

“I spit that sizzling third degree ear  


if you look over  

you’ll find a young nigga whispering  

in the ear of a very high quality breasted chick  

can I sign your bussums to brandish my poor penmanship?”  

Oh My Ft. Well$: 

“I give her good D like the Broncos  

she talked me up like a talk show  

but a nigga play no games  

left the console” 

“I got ladies that’s bad as felonious criminals”  

Cinematic Day Dreams:  

“this that times new Roman,

this that blunt straight forward,

Iove your face it’s gorgeous”

“Euphoria lives in your smile 

I live to make you smile”  

“Can we not blink? 

can we just think? 

if it’s not real can we just..dream?”  

“Capture your essence with that iPhone  

doesn’t do you justice  

I’m a still frame it though”  

“Forever with you.. nah I need a little more” 

John Lennon: 

“I’m on your momma shopping list!  

Nigga C James on her shopping list!  

Yo momma married and she got 4 kids!  

and her husband ... like..she..well.. He.. does well in marketing”  

“Hustled that n*gga who said I sell white  

Crumbling all of his stereotypes” 

Christian James isn’t one dimensional which can be seen in songs like “Land Of Women” & “On My Mind” where the music is themed with what could commercial or television show worthy ideas that are nailed to the wall on topic from start to finish. This artist has become a craftsman of sorts with his craft, when speaking on his versatility having this to say “I want people to get a refreshing sound that’s different but still dope, I have a versatile style so I have a little something that everyone can enjoy”. This shouldn’t come to a surprise when the artist’s main motivation “is creating something unique that hasn’t been done”, being full of ideas he brings them to the table and executes on a very high level. As a artist who prides hisself on “elegance”, it seems only right he sets his standards higher than most. As sure as his rapid fire lyricism, this is one artist you shouldn’t miss out on.  

The artist has garnered well over 36,000 streams on SoundCloud alone, with some tracks being removed. Outside of audio, the artist has visuals for songs “Too Smooth” and “Junie B. Jones” amongst others that are visually compelling and entertaining to watch. The young artist has also been making his rounds making connections and sharing his energy with crowd after crowd in the area.The music you hear when you play Christian James is feel good music with a occasional hype and aggression which is a nod to the many hats he can wear to switch up his style. Though don’t confuse this with senseless violence and ignorance, there seems to be method and reasoning towards each bar, even if it’s lyrical sparring or expression. There are layers to this artist and it’s all available to choose from down below. This being said, this isn’t your typical young artist with short mind numbing antics and wordplay, Christian is bound to stimulate your mind and open you up to new sounds, and possibly a new perspective. Need something refreshing and fun? Go check out the elegant one Christian James down below!!




Tiny Desk



Big Poppin’! 

   Written By Monte Hieke 

The official music video Cloudy Nueve’s “POP MY SHIT” was recently released, the video shows off some of Cloudy’s personality and is visually enticing to the eyes. The video Directed By Dj TJ (@thedjtj), looks reminiscent of “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” a film starring Johnny Deep, but only in a sense of how trippy the video can be at times. It looks like a look into Cloudy’s tipsy topsy world or a really bad drug trip. Well while Cloudy takes us on this ride we see him seeing double with girls dancing to the music he’s playing in his walkman as well as what’s coming out of his speaker, though the video is so trippy, you’d have to wonder if anything was playing at all. Talk a about a blast from the past, the walkman has his record playing which is a golden cassette tape, and a boom box speaker that looks like it came from the 80s. 

As the song is playing you can see the artist getting bug eyed, while rapping the over a hard hitting beat produced by Bankroll Got It who has worked with the likes of Dababy, Stunna 4 Vegas, Big Mali, OT Genesis, and Lil Baby to name a few. The video is centered around a walk with Cloudy through the neighborhood while smoking and listening to Tunes.  

Notable Lyrics: 

“walk inside the party gotta pop my sh*t 

grinding on your girl she thought my glock 

was my d*ck” 

“said she might not make it to work 

I got her calling out sick” 

“Now what’s the club without a fight scene? 

I’m on the wave of hitting stains like I’m a Viking”  

“I got a gang of scraps that go off when that light green”  

There’s even a scene where the artist is just casually riding a skateboard while seemingly having this trip. The artist is in his own world through the video and what fun is it to watch. Regarding the track itself the artist never ceasing to amaze, this song is a hit from start to finish. “POP MY SHIT” is one of the Cloudy’s most popular songs and the visual doesn’t fail to amaze either. There has been made mention of a possible album coming soon, though that remains to be seen, there is definitely new music on the way. Though for now you can enjoy the this very entertaining music video as well as the track it’s on all streaming platforms. Go stream Cloudy Nueve’s “POP MY SHIT” down below!! 



Cloudy’s Insta


All For The Love  

Written By Monte Hieke 

OG Ace Of Spade releases a new banger of a track entitled  “Da Gang”. The track started gaining attention after the artist  posted a snippet on his social media. This release follows his project “The Hand I was Dealt” a project which sets him apart from the rest. It goes without saying that this track simply feels good. OG Ace Of Spade is originally from Durham, North Carolina and has been on a rocket like ascension with consistent records and energy. When asked how he came up with his name the artist states “ I started calling myself spade because I always wore black! Then when I started music.. people ran with og ace of spade .. the strongest card in the deck when you’re playing spades”. 

 The 25 year old artist started making music about 2 years ago and hasn’t looked back since “I started making music too express myself and deal with depression”. Over the course of 2 years the artist has garnered well over 100,000 plays on SoundCloud alone. The artist has also been making his rounds around the area performing at shows and collaborating with known artist in the area such as Jaheal, EMILIO ZAPATA, Castro Montega,  Cloudy Nueve to name a few. OG Ace Of Spade, known for tracks like “Dangerous”, “High Noon”, “Spade”, and “Telephone Man”,  is no slouch on his own and is on a clear path towards success. When asked what we can expect this year he had this to say “Definitely projects, visuals, expansion overall” leaving much to anticipate.  
(Courtesy of @Jaidasphotography) 

Notable Lyrics:  

“They ask me if I feel that pressure, no not at all  

Speaking of that pressure like gone and free my dawg”  

“They say I’m about to blow  

Got me feeling like a land mine” 

“RIP the gang was on the same thing  

n*ggas talking stupid putting money on my chain  

they don’t know I’m next up  

I just want my check up” 

“The plug just hit my phone  

Said half on the bells 

I wonder if I cut it 

Could they really f*ckin’ tell”  

The artist has been on the move without any signs of pumping the breaks. The center of his resolve comes from his desire to achieve greatness and not going backwards, nor being engulfed in negativity “I want people to feel my Daily vibes and how I’ve dealt with life problems and how I remained grounded and humble.. my music represents my desire to always keep going”. Are you feeling down? Need a upper? Something to get you out of your funk? The track “Da Gang” is out now on SoundCloud and Apple Music stream it down below!!

Apple Music



A Change of Pocket 

Written By Monte Hieke 

“Pocket Change” by Cloudy Nueve was recently released on December 30th, the first release after his passing. Pocket Change is released following the project “INSOMNIAK” which held favorites such as “Don’t Care About Me”, “Who’s Countin”, and of course “I’ll be Fine”. A project full that was filled with range and emotion. Cloudy Nueve garnered  

Well over 600,000 with a all time amount  of over 1,000,000 plays on SoundCloud, and ended his 2019 wrap up with over 400,000 plays on Spotify. The artist never shying away from his versatility being a jack of all trades, with lyrics and style, he really utilizes his melodies on track. Cloudy’s “Pocket Change” has a beat that’s instrument heavy and the mix of the two is a track that’s quite soulful.  

Cloudy Nueve gets vulnerable and honest, where the track feels therapeutic, though there are moments where the artist sounds displeased it’s far from a downer. Through whatever negativity there’s a overall tone of optimism, which is somewhat of a specialty for the artist. The melodic style delivered gives pure emotion and show’s his ability to create a vibe off the strength of his vocals. There is a pivotal moment where he takes a pause and just let’s the beat play, showing off his musical intelligence, he comes back into pocket seemingly at just the right time before giving the song a strong finish. This song is without a doubt worth the listen.  

Notable Lyrics:  

“Going so hard like I think that sh*t good for my health 

Now I ain’t gotta jugg for my wealth” 

“Everything I do irregular can’t never tell if it’s dreams” 

“It’s too much on my conscious  

I been going up now you can’t help but watch it.” 

“Only thing that changed is the change in my pocket 

Think I got the holy ghost how I’m chasing the profits”  

“Getting harder to believe I’m a last through the day  

But when I look in my pockets seems like all my friends passed away 

Tell me who have I needed before” 

This song being packed with the amount of layers it has, can only be looked at as a testament to just how much more he had to offer and had in store. Amongst his catalog he was a frequent collaborator with producer Bankroll Got It with notable songs being “FROM THE DURT”, “Slimey”, “POP MY SHIT”, and “DECLINE”, the young artist also had a series of projects with the title “Cloudy With A Chance” that really shows off his artistry. In wake of the artist’s passing an event is being held to honor him, his music, and his impact on January 19th at the Lincoln Theater. There is much to be heard, based on his social media accounts it has been hinted that we can expect more music to be released on behalf of the artist. Cloudy Nueve had star quality and it becomes more and more apparent in his music, if you still have your doubts or need something to get you moving listen to “Pocket Change” below along with the rest of his music! Also in case you’re interested in the upcoming event or Cloudy’s social media there will be separate links below.

Pocket Change





Now That’s Cold!! 

Written By Monte Hieke

COLDLIKEWINTER or just Winter, releases “Bhibba” produced by NC’s own Steezie. Originally from Decatur, GA, Winter, the 23 year old artist gives us a hard hitting track. The title which is named after the artist Bhibba, known for his melodic style, one of his popular songs being “B2BB”. The artist states “bhibba is my n*gga he’s like my brother”, Winter’s style is composed of calm but chilling vocals that are both soothing and alluring. The track catches you with a hard hitting beat that adds to the banger quality of the song.  

When asked what inspired the artist to start making music she says “my dad, he’s nice as f*ck in Atlanta, we had a in home studio and I used to lurk around and sh*t”.  This peaking her interest it was only up from there “I’ve always been rapping”. Though this is the only track that can be found for now, it’s evident that the artist has been making waves for some time, performing at shows and making her rounds. When performing the artist “just want motherf*ckers rockin out to my sh*t. I love performing bc i can literally see motherf*ckers gettin hype to my sh*t and I like being watched. da crowd be turning me up I love doing shows”.  

Notable Lyrics: 

“I see them reaching it’s making you nervous, go get you a body little virgin”.  

“I been that B*tch and they notice, top of the top just like the surface”  

“My b*tch so bad she could model, I got h*es on my page can’t stand me, but my sh*t so hard that they follow”  

“She got a sister I said let her in, B*tch call me Bhibba cause I got the twins” 

The song has you caught from beginning to end, with charisma ridden verses and a hook that’s hot as a skillet! This isn’t trial and error music, Winter has been working on her craft, and it isn’t hard to tell. The artist has big plans this year, the artist letting be known she’s “got a lot of music I’m bout to be droppin motherf*ckers gone be able to relate too”. The artist sounding well developed and seasoned, this is only the tip of the iceberg. You may be cold as ice but it’s safe to say you could never be COLDLIKEWINTER. Looking for something new and refreshing? “Bhibba” is out now! What are you waiting for?! The link is below!



The Big Step!! 

Written By Monte Hieke 

Artist Luh Bri releases the music video for the heart stopper of a track “Big Steppa”. The video was posted on Dec. 18th after giving a snippet back in October, she delivers to us the much buzzed about track before the holidays. Luh Bri originally from Mount Gilead, North Carolina began making waves at the age of 16 with the track “Boot Up”. Now 18, the artist has been releasing monster track after monster track with “Poppin My Sh*t”, “Turn Me Up”, and “Talk About” ft. Big Mali. The artist is toping off the end of the year with a bang!

Social Media: @reallulbri_

“Turn your h*e to a real big stepper ,We stick together like we salt and pepper” the artist chants, with a rapid fire beat, Luh Bri keeps pace with ease, the song being a flare of raw energy and charisma. The track stamps Luh Bri as a force to be reckoned with. “Yo n*gga a b*tch we call’em Vanessa”/“I got the ball it’s stuck in my court, Dunk on these n*ggas like I’m Michael Jordan”  with an aggressive sound and aggressive bars “Big Steppa is sure to make you rock. The beat hits hard and Luh Bri hits harder, eating the track like there’s something to prove. This artist is hungry and ready, getting in her way could be a problem.

The song continues without the artist letting up “Queen of the Jungle I beat on my chest Test my apes and we gone make a mess/“Slide wit some hitters who dropping them hits”. It would be wise to keep your eyes wide open for Luh Bri, because when this  “Lil Ape” beats on her chest you won’t know what hit you. The artist has been teasing a lot of unreleased music, it’s clear she has a lot more in the vault to give. Though for now we have this banger  to hold us for what’s to come next! If you haven’t already, check out the video below!! You won’t regret it!

Dark Tunnel of Light 

Written By Monte Hieke

JUSTOMOBBIN released his latest EP WRSMP which stands for “WISDOM RESPECT STRESS MONEY POWER” on Dec. 1st and it doesn’t fail to raise the bar when it comes to both authenticity and style. This project is a short but sweet roller coaster of emotions and relatable rhymes, delivering four songs. These songs aren’t necessarily for the faint of heart but they aren’t without a bright side either. The complexity of what you feel when in a funk, and how overcoming it doesn’t mean there isn’t more to conquer later on. Though the music will teach you that no one is perfect, take it a step at a time.

This release is following singles and projects with his unique style/sound. There’s a lot to unpack in this project like with the song Cricket where the artist talks about a call for help, that no one is there to answer. This song goes a step further when addressing the emotions that come with that, the will power and sadness that’s faced when feeling like you’re on your own. Following the strings of guitar and melodies that pull you in closer to what JUSTO has to say. A side from the vocals the elements surrounding them make you feel like you’re right beside the artist in all of his songs, feeling what he feels as he’s having a conversation with the listener.

The single from the EP titled “FROWN” set the tone sounding like an anthem to anyone who’s ever been doubted or disregarded. There are instruments throughout this project that could easily pass for a movie score, making the words being said even more powerful. The track “Sunlight in the Dark” is the dawn of the project giving a little light to go with some of the dark elements on the track. The sun finally comes down with this probably being the grungiest of the songs on the project “where is my son?” Where the artist sounds like he’s going to war with himself bouncing bars off the voice from within. Though the track marks the end of the ride it’s a strong finish as JUSTOMOBBIN flexes his versatility in this lyrical exercise.

Notable Lyrics & Songs: 


“I listen to my thoughts, in the dark they tryna get me”  

“Smith and Wesson to my dome POW! Do y’all see the vision?” 

“How tf I’m supposed to smile when my demons out to get me?”

“Somebody get the tissue please I swear I’m feeling shitty, I’m calling out for help, but all I hear is crickets”  


“I was 15 when my momma first told me this a cold world so listen very closely, fuck love, fuck those who ever doubted cause when the money comes watch how quick you get surrounded.” “I say turn the other cheek fuck’em we gone make’em frown”.  

Sunlight in the Dark 

“They don’t need a man but still looking for collateral cause when times get hard they still need a laugh or two” 

“I slipped up like I was running on banana peels” 

“I was born a bad baby like I’m one on one with Dr.Phil” 

“Fake it till you make it so I’m slidding in a rental Just jokes, you can smile if you want to, life is a game you just got to have some fun dude” 

Where is My Son?  

“I am the greatest, I know it takes some patience hard work and dedication face it  

I don’t give a f*ck” 

“What they want me to quit? That would be a sight to see”

“WRSMP” appears to be a scratch on the service to what JUSTOMOBBIN is capable of and that is evident through his versatility of his unique style. The four songs are a hearty appetizer for what’s to come! Download and stream “WRSMP” down below!! 


It’s Not Rap!! It’s HipRock!! 

Written By Monte Hieke 

DMV Artist SirHipRock also known as Almighty Mansa releases his project “You Don’t Know Me 2 (YDKM2)”. The artist has been making waves grossing over 500,000 SoundCloud Streams all together in the past year. The mixtape was much anticipated following the release of project “High Summer Nights 3”.

  The artist who ha been making music for about four years has been working on his craft relentless over the years. “I keep at least thousand unreleased songs, no cap, so whoever saying they want to be a rapper...tighten up”.  

The artist who would get into sports earlier in his youth saying “I tried hooping but my heart wasn’t in it”later putting it down. Almighty Mansa strives to put his all in everything he does, the young artists refuses to do things his heart isn’t in. When speaking on music saying “I put my all into it, people think because they do music there’s no struggle”, doubling down on his resolve to pursue music. You can hear more of his resolve as well as trial and tribulations on his project of fourteen songs  “You Don’t Know Me 2”.  Look forward to bangers where Mansa is rapping over hard heating beats using his unique style and rhyme scheme. Though you will get a mixture with beats that are slower which the pace is backed up with bars and unique storytelling.  

Notable Songs & Quotes 

Nightmares (feat. Zarthian) 

“Ain’t no more dreams cause it’s nightmares” 

“Has to learn how to hustle even through the struggle, ain’t been in the gym but it came out the muscle” 

“I’m talking bout pain nigga what you felt?” 

Hell Roxk (feat. TheDemonAldrich)

“If you say you a plug I’m a cut the cord,  

I’m serving it different cities like a tour”  

“Make’em skate on the ice he a puck”  

“Hit the b*tch I’m abusing her g spot” 

How I’m Bomin (feat. Sisdom Cinema) 

“You know How I’m bomin, I got all them racks in abundance” 

“Serving them KDs I got thunder”  

“Working with chemicals no I’m not Bill Nye” 

“I’m fly as b*tch on the low I’m a moth” 

HipRoxk, Pt.3 (feat. 2rawww, Youngest OG, & Almighy Mansa) 

“I live through my rhymes, I’m selling these verses like I sold dimes” 

“Score a touchdown and dance Jerry Rice” 

“I had a hard life it ain’t fun” 

“You the same n*gga you a b*tch wit a gun, p*ssy n**ga it’s yo time of the month!” 

Senseless (feat. Kendrix) 

“Most of y’all goofy beefing over b*tches” 

“He think he a G cause he came from the trenches”  

Keeping the beef in the streets, no mentions” 

“My circle got small, real tight” 


“I been a loner I ain’t have no help, I’m finna stay down get my wealth/ you ain’t been through no pain so it’s f*ck what you felt”  

“I got two sides and I’m crazy”  

“Get off your a** go make your way” 

The young artist sounds like a veteran the way he seemingly eats up each track with bigger than life energy! This “HipRock” genre isn’t just the rappers self made style but a way of life! Get in tune!! The project is available now on all streaming platforms! 
YDKM 2 Apple Music

YDKM 2 Spotify


NC’s New Duo?!?! 

Written By Monte Hieke 

NC’s Marlee Savage and Cloudy Nueve released on October 31st! The two are a match made in the trenches, both having a grimy sound respectively. Though it isn’t without wins and loses, the two make it clear that though they may be stuck in their ways, it’s from life lessons versus pure ignorance. This isn’t the usual mind numbing trap music, the young artists gave us a 4 track EP “MarleeNueve”. 

  (Marlee Savage) 

(Cloudy Nueve) 

MarleeNueve is the first track on the project, the beat makes you feel like you’re in the jungle with tigers and crocodiles. It could easily pass for a score in action or horror film, Marlee Savage starts us off with a verse bursting with energy with lyrics like  

“His girl say he a lazy a%# N*gga had to put a potato on that pistol” /“ If I take it it’s motherf*ckin mine, like a game I’m controlling her mind”. Though Cloudy never one to slouch comes in with energy that mirrors his partner in crime with notable lyrics. “I know half these n*ggas is Hypocrite I just say f*ck it cause that sh#t typical” / “Skipping classes I won’t that really into school, but I’m getting that bread from a teacher and that b#tch moving keys like Alicia”. The two have the chemistry of two different beasts from the same background but working together efficiently, when one strikes, the other is not too far behind, a dynamic style which may have inspired the cover art.  

(Photo taken by Broken Wings Media) 

“Plenty” the next track follows up strong with a banger from start to finish, their isn’t a single cool down on this track, the beat has flutes playing with hard hitting bass, Cloudy takes the charge on this track with lyrics “You can take that b*tch back I got plenty”/“I got my own bag cause they envy”/ “You got to watch the n*ggas around, seem to fold when they said they was down”. Then in his verse “They need the pack they attracted to Cloud, I flew out to the West now I’m sending them out.”  

These lyrics are only to name a few and they are far from what else the track has to offer, Cloudy has more than a few memorable lines in his verse. This time Marlee Savage has the follow up and he doesn’t shy away  with overwhelming presence, Marlee shows why he stands with any giant with lyrics like “Got to go Cali if you need the loud, I need the numbers like I need it now!” “Life be too good when you smoke out the pound, if you need more I can get it right now!”/ “got a glick wit a stick I can’t stop it, that lil b*tch sound like a band when it’s poppin...lil B*tch!!”.  

(Photo Taken By Jai Das Photography) 

The next to last “Remind Me” is a change of pace, slower but still packed with banger like quality. The beat is reminiscent of a UGK, Rick Ross, or a DJ Khaled in the 2000s. Though the two were completely comfortable and turned the best into their own, the two gives us a back and forth, with them being so compatible you would have thought the two were a group for years.  

A few lyrics that stand out are 


“This remind of some UGK sh*t sippin low get low the cops they can not chase me”  


“Every time I’m doing fine these n*ggas seem to hate it, see I’m just tryna feed my n*ggas dog and if you ain’t down to ride then don’t even get involved”  


“I don’t f*ck wit no leeches I stay on bleachers, cause I can see them watching!!  

The last track is “Drill” which is a anything goes exhibition of a track. The two attack the beat with what appears to be pure aggression. It’s as though the two had been holding back their aggressive side and let it all out for this track. The two beasts are now in full attack mode and no one is safe! Containing lyrics such as 


“November baby I’m a pilgrim, crossbow at his neck...DISMISS HIM”.  

“I evict your heart like you got 30 days”  

“I don’t really got out my mind but when I do I still move discreet”  


“I give him a slug and he flat” 

“You n*gga ain’t nothin but rap, I mean sh*t I’m just keeping it facts”. 

“I got hoes on they knees like a séance” 

“Keep on sleeping just know that I’m s****** try to run I’m a blow out his back” 

It’s clear from this collaborative effort these two are nothing less than stars with talent that packs more than a few punches. MarleeNueve sets a standard for collaborative projects, the two artists mix together like salt and pepper, being able to do no wrong on this project. If you’re looking for really good music, this would be a great listen! MarleeNueve is out now on Apple Music and Spotify! Hit the links below!

Apple Music


Social Media: @Marlee_Savage @CloudyxNueve


So Fresh and so...Dirty?! 

Written By Monte Hieke

GUCCISEATBELTS releases new music with his EP “GUCCI 2DIRTYY DA EP”. The Carolina based artist who started making waves with his song “DOUBLE CUP” is continuing with a sound that can be described as a horror core and sometimes grimy style of rap. The project features 5 songs produced by 2DIRTYY, a producer who has done work artists such as Stunna 4 Vegas, Lil Keed, and MoneyMarr to name a few. The artist has been releasing music back to back after what seemed to be a Hiatus, notable songs leading up to the project “GEEK’D UP”, “MAS O MENOS, “WYA”, “BIG GUCCI DOLAN”, based off those tracks alone it’s safe to say that GUCCISEATBELTS hasn’t missed a beat. He comes back with a vengeance, his craft being a sharpened blade after the release of songs along with a playlist containing two songs with produce Dolan Beatz a star studded producer who has worked with the likes of Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage, Chief Keef, Q Da Fool, and Lil Yachty.  

Instagram~ @Bigguccifrom059 

The first song on the EP “NOT WORRIED” which begins with a spacey beat followed up by piano keys prepping you for GUCCI’s calm yet aggressive vocals. The track contains a energy and cadence that has not yet been tapped in music. A few lyrics like “I’m looking at him...he look worried, and I’m shipping them packs in a hurry, and you gonna rob who? I ain’t worried..”/“I hopped in the streets with a purpose”. The track is short and to the point, the opening track is a calm before the storm.  

“TAKE IT” The second song on the EP is where Gucci is carrying you with his no holds barred gritty nightmare like style, holding your attention with the hook carrying lyrics such as “I came from the bottom just like a basement, I had trials and tribulations had to face it” as well as “I stay with the blues like a smooth Jazz man” not to give too much away but it’s a “smooth” transition to the next track to say the least.  

GET IN DERE” is the next track and The artist gets in his pocket which sounds like GUCCISEATBELTS is just having his way with the beat, the consistency on this track is undeniable, the track itself sounds like a hard hitting b side track, nothing too flashy just a show of pure skill and execution. A few notable lyrics are “My b*tch gone hit yours with a strap on”  I’m the type to like to pick a bone, and address me as king I’m on throne”.  

“KLIP” Is a iconic banger “I’m bout to bust a klip, no beyblade I’m a let it rip” as the beat is being relentlessly attacked. The Adlibs are both unique and perfectly timed. In the introduction of the song you can hear a knocking on the door, and GUCCI is certainly at your door with hard hitting base and a bag full of horrors. If you were calm before you will definitely be sprung with energy when hearing this track. The self proclaimed “YOUNG ACTIVE N ATTRACTIVE” artist is talking his talk on this one with lyrics like “cookies in my blunt no chocolate chip”/“smoking up in a Lyft”/“your music is trash you need to quit!”.  

The final track is titled “MALIK ABU” named after the professional basketball player, “that’s my brother”. The energy is continued giving you no time to relax “He feeling gangsta! He feel like a man today”. The song is easily remembered from start to finish “I was up on the block like I’m in the paint, had to cut it out for my momma sake” as always though the music may be perceived as aggressive there is always a message here and there from the artist.  Other lyrics like “N*ggas don’t know me from a can of paint” distancing himself from over friendly artists, there are zero features on this project and this may be a possible nod to that, the song continues to have gutta like themes following up with”I slam dunk on a b*tch Malik Abu” /“ Pop a perc but pop two, and then eat up the flow they addicted to”. The song is a stand alone hit finishing deadly and wanting more by the end of it all!  
GUCCI 2DIRTYY is a superior effort and it doesn’t cut corners. The beats are consistent and so is GUCCI’s flow, the cadence, rhyme scheme, and adlibs are all foreign to what you may be programmed to, safe to say it’s unique and original. The Project feels authentic to who the artist really is, refusing to disappoint. It won’t matter what kind of say you’re having or where you are, once you play this project you will enter the the world of GUCCISEATBELTS. It’s a dark amusement park with scary themes but invigorating rides. You will have a good time but this isn’t a tape for those who scare easy. The project has shown the artists is in his own lane that possibly few could pull off, but you better bring your A-Game because the artists has honed his craft. If you’re looking for something refreshing and original this is the project to listen to “GUCCI 2DIRTYY DA EP”