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The Chick Behind The Mic 

Written By Ashley Pierce



We’ve all see an increase in female positivity all over the world. In all 
industries women are screaming, “The future is female”. The music industry is no 
different. Female artists are proving themselves to be bold and demanding respect 
from everyone around them. Proving that a woman can love her body, have sex 
appeal and handle her business all on her own. 
Megan Thee Stallion, an upcoming rapper from Houston, TX is no stranger to 
this with lyrics like “Come in the room and I'm giving commands. I am the captain 
and he the lieutenant” in her song Big Ole Freak. Megan is following in her mother’s 
footsteps as a female rapper. Unfortunately, her mother Holly Thomas, Holly-Wood 
being her rap name has recently passed away. Megan has made it known that her 
performances will not stop because “Holly would not want me to stop” she tweets 
out to her fans. She released an EP in June 2018 called Tina Snow where you can 
find a few of her most popular songs like Big Ole Freak, Freak Nasty and Make A Bag 
feat. Moneybagg Yo. I suspect this is only the beginning for Megan Thee Stallion. 
Some women in the music industry are on the rise due to the benefits of 
social media. We all know that we are in a day and time where social media can give 
anyone a platform to display something they are passionate about and develop 
supporters and a following. 
Artist like Doja Cat have taken full advantage of the power of social media by 
making what she calls “meme music” with her song “Moo”. Doja explains that she 
created this song as a joke with her fans on Instagram live. She says she wanted to 
make something that allowed everyone to have a sort of break. “The music industry 
is very uptight right now and people need humor,” she explains. Doja cat is from Los 
Angeles California and has been making music for a couple years now. Back in 2014 
Doja released an EP called Purrr! with her noted song “So High”. It seems that it 
wasn’t until recently that others have realized Doja Cat actually has a nice voice and 
plenty of other great songs like, Go To Town and Tia Tamera feat Rico Nasty. 
I think it is safe to say that women will continue to speak out on all platforms 
loudly and freely no matter big or small. It is quite invigorating for others to see 
women of all shapes and sizes, being sexy and positive especially in a predominately 
male industry. Both Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat have all of their music 
streaming on all platforms for downloading.

By Ashley Pierce



C.Shreve the Professor based in Boone, North Carolina is back with a new single titled All That I Feel with some wavy visuals captured by Andrew Anderson Films. Shreve is in full command showcasing his unique style as he takes us through the struggles and loneliness of the long road and fortitude required to make it as an artist. Along with production from long time collaborators Pat Junior and Andrew Anderson Films, he has created something magical. 

"Overlooked, underpaid, all I been makin is that lemonade 

Set up the stand, set up the merch, set up the thirst, we finna get paid 

Check out this verse, this ain’t a phase, I’m on a search, this ain’t a maze 

I been just thinkin above and just movin with love and I’m feelin the waves

All That I Feel is now available on all streaming platforms!

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She's a DJ, an artist, a Fashion Nova model, and a mother. All the way from California to North Carolina PrettyFaceBoss  comes on the scene with a fierce stylistic track called You Mad. The artist describes how the song was a message to her ex basically to show that she is unphased by his behavior. Her style makes for an eye catching visual with an attitude to match. Find more about the artist on Instagram.


Atlanta artist Gypsy Jones releases a powerful and unique visual by Kupov Films. Her song 'Pretty' off her latest project The Impossible Gospel of Gypsy Jones creates an environment like that of a coffee shop in New York or a stroll down an empty street. It's hard to compare this artist to anyone as her vulnerability makes her a special face to the scene. As far as genre, her music can be placed somewhere between Neo Soul and Alternative R&B. However, we'll leave it up to the listeners to judge. The visual itself invokes a powerful message about womanhood and standing your ground without the "egotistical" side we see in many female artists such as Nicki Minaj, for example. We thought the song was so great we featured it on our 'Dope Discovery' playlist! Leave a comment and let us know what you think! 







North Carolina native musicians @montegacastro and @lostbrody hit the scene with a complex artistic visual directed by Time Travel Media on YouTube. This dynamic duo share with us an emotionally captivating visual and single about heartbreak and how we should "never trust the devil". The song lives up to it's name as the artist's describe what it feels like to be used by a woman. It gives off a similar vibe to that of break through artists such as Paris or Juice Wrld. We are excited for what's to come next from Montega Castro and Lost Brody. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


Talented artist Joshua Sheeran from Charlotte, NC is preparing to release some new projects this year. His sound is heavily intertwined with Neosoul, R&B, and Hip-Hop. Joshua has been making music for a total of 2 years now and finds inspiration from artists such as Common, Erykah Badu, and Andre 3000. His favorite production is live instrumentation with jazz influenced sounds. Looking to expand his audience and grow creatively, our impression of Joshua is highly optimistic and curious as his visual for single "I Love It, She Love It" has us begging for more. Look forward to more of his tracks on Spotify and other streaming services!