Spark The Dope services is an opportunity for music artists to directly gain the best and most affordable tools to optimize their career. From music promotions and distribution to recording sessions and local networking, we aim to be every independent artists' one-stop shop to success in the industry. We pride ourselves on our quality performance and material. Each client we work with gets detailed consultations which create long term relationships. For this reason, we keep our services affordable and flexible to fit the needs of every individual. Upon requesting our services, you will be contacted by either phone or e-mail for a follow up correspondence to make sure you get exactly what you're looking for. If at any point you decide to opt out of our services, you will be either refunded or given a separate package that better suits your needs. Any questions, contact us.


Cover art for albums & singles: $30

Logo design for brand/business: $40



Blog Placements are priced based on the artist's performance and quality. Each package includes automatic placement on our site. Blogs we consider are Elevator Mag, RapxRnb, and others. NOTE: We do not guarantee placements on the blogs mentioned. You will be notified on which blogs we will submit you for before confirming transactions. 

  • 1 song submission: $50  
  • 5 song submission: $200 
  • 10 song submission: $500

Playlist Placements are priced based on desired reach. Each package includes automatic placement on one of our Spotify playlists. You may or may not be placed on multiple playlists depending on the package. We will notify you before submitting.

  • (1K-10K following): $50 
  • (10K-50K following): $150 
  • (50K and up): $250

SoundCloud Promotion is priced based on desired reach. Each package includes automatic placement on our SPRK SoundCloud. You may ask for specific scenarios for any price. I.e. more comments, followers, likes and re-posts, or all options. Any of these requests will potentially change pricing figures. 

  • (20K-40K reach): $40* 
  • (50K-70K reach): $80* 
  • (70K-100K reach): $150*


Artist Development services includes the following: 1-on-1 consultations with our representatives, access to 50% off discounts on all Spark The Dope services listed on our site, EPK/Press Kits, and exclusive spotlight for any upcoming showcases or events hosted by us! We offer GOLD, SILVER, and PLATINUM packages which are non-refundable, however, are able to be exercised to the artists' discretion. This means if the artist finds any of the services included in their package unnecessary, they may exchange for an add on to any other existing options.