SPARK THE DOPE submissions provides artists a platform to showcase their art to like-minded creatives for inspiration and promotional use. We accept features from music artists, photographers, film directors, producers, blogs, and GFX designers. Due to the fact that we cater to such a wide range of creatives, please understand if we don't reply regarding your submission within 3-5 business days. We only accept quality work which will be thoroughly reviewed and considered by our team of professionals. Don't worry. Our submissions are free. All we ask is that you provide all required content to the best of your ability. A "bad submission" will result in automatic decline to be posted on our site and other social media platforms. After submitting, we will contact you immediately to confirm that we received your details to be reviewed within a week. 

If you said "yes" to being a music artist make sure you have a Spotify link to provide. Upon accepting your submission, you will be added to our Spotify playlist and will receive an email to follow up about more details for your posting. Below are links to our blog articles and other things you can discover while on our website. Cheers.