Through and Thru

Written By Monte Hieke 

Steezie is back!! We have a brand new track from the artist following the release of “Plot Twist”. He delivers us this scorching hot track alongside artist Jon Dacom entitles “Thru With It”. Jon Dacom wrapped up his 2019 with over 19,000 streams on Spotify alone, he’s known for his powerful cadence, gritty-street elements, and lyricism. A highly recommended listen would be his (Jon Dacom) project “W.I.S.H.”, a few notable tracks are “Dedicated”, “Runnin”, “M.O.B”, and “All Dawgs Go to Heaven”. Though Steezie, comes with a melodic style, he doesn’t pull any punches giving us pure energy with memorable punchlines attached. The two great minds come together in harmony, giving a laid back track for listeners to vibe to.

Notable Lyrics: 


Yeah you know that I’m a fool with it  

I hit her one time  

said I’m through wit it  

I just don’t know what to with it  

she Tryna make bands  

and I’m cool with it”  



Then we blast off 

Blast off  

Blast off”  

Steezie doing major Like a colosseum 

Blowing hella pounds like I’m European   

Working overtime  

AM to the PM 

we passing her around 

and you call her your BM” 

I’m a be on top  

No matter how you feeling” 

When I gave a f*ck  

I ended up the villain” 



In love with all my swagger  

from my jacket to my shoes  

I only came to bust a move 

I’m drinking Henny straight no juice” 

I been that n*gga  

since a youth  

I used to move them packs  

and bring them digiscales to school”  

You know I wasn’t sh*t 

was smoking in my school pictures” 

Oh you think I got a heart? 

it’s finna be a cool winter”  

Euro steppin’ like Ginobli 

breaking hearts  

I leave’em Spurred” 

I hit that p*ssy once  

and never speak another word

The track itself is produced by Steezie, crooning in the background throughout the hook. The artist {Steezie} is in his artist back giving us something we love and know him for before switching up to give some bars, there’s a particular swag Steezie brings to this track that makes it so much fun. Jon Dacom follows suit, painting a picture of what a good time looks like for him, vices included. Jon, gives us lyricism, which is to be expected from a such a dope artist, but he doesn’t sound out of place, a fine showing of versatility, adapting to any track he appears on it seems! These two on paper sounds like craziness given the track record from both parties involved, though it may very well be the collab you never knew you needed!  Feeling skeptical? Well check out this hot new track down below if you dare doubt the chemistry!! Though if you’re just looking for great music, look no further with “Thru With It”!



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