It’s Not Rap!! It’s HipRock!!

Written By Monte Hieke 

DMV Artist SirHipRock also known as Almighty Mansa releases his project “You Don’t Know Me 2 (YDKM2)”. The artist has been making waves grossing over 500,000 SoundCloud Streams all together in the past year. The mixtape was much anticipated following the release of project “High Summer Nights 3”.

  The artist who ha been making music for about four years has been working on his craft relentless over the years. “I keep at least thousand unreleased songs, no cap, so whoever saying they want to be a rapper...tighten up”.  

The artist who would get into sports earlier in his youth saying “I tried hooping but my heart wasn’t in it”later putting it down. Almighty Mansa strives to put his all in everything he does, the young artists refuses to do things his heart isn’t in. When speaking on music saying “I put my all into it, people think because they do music there’s no struggle”, doubling down on his resolve to pursue music. You can hear more of his resolve as well as trial and tribulations on his project of fourteen songs  “You Don’t Know Me 2”.  Look forward to bangers where Mansa is rapping over hard heating beats using his unique style and rhyme scheme. Though you will get a mixture with beats that are slower which the pace is backed up with bars and unique storytelling.  

Notable Songs & Quotes 

Nightmares (feat. Zarthian) 

“Ain’t no more dreams cause it’s nightmares” 

“Has to learn how to hustle even through the struggle, ain’t been in the gym but it came out the muscle” 

“I’m talking bout pain nigga what you felt?” 

Hell Roxk (feat. TheDemonAldrich)

“If you say you a plug I’m a cut the cord,  

I’m serving it different cities like a tour”  

“Make’em skate on the ice he a puck”  

“Hit the b*tch I’m abusing her g spot” 

How I’m Bomin (feat. Sisdom Cinema) 

“You know How I’m bomin, I got all them racks in abundance” 

“Serving them KDs I got thunder”  

“Working with chemicals no I’m not Bill Nye” 

“I’m fly as b*tch on the low I’m a moth” 

HipRoxk, Pt.3 (feat. 2rawww, Youngest OG, & Almighy Mansa) 

“I live through my rhymes, I’m selling these verses like I sold dimes” 

“Score a touchdown and dance Jerry Rice” 

“I had a hard life it ain’t fun” 

“You the same n*gga you a b*tch wit a gun, p*ssy n**ga it’s yo time of the month!” 

Senseless (feat. Kendrix) 

“Most of y’all goofy beefing over b*tches” 

“He think he a G cause he came from the trenches”  

Keeping the beef in the streets, no mentions” 

“My circle got small, real tight” 


“I been a loner I ain’t have no help, I’m finna stay down get my wealth/ you ain’t been through no pain so it’s f*ck what you felt”  

“I got two sides and I’m crazy”  

“Get off your a** go make your way” 

The young artist sounds like a veteran the way he seemingly eats up each track with bigger than life energy! This “HipRock” genre isn’t just the rappers self made style but a way of life! Get in tune!! The project is available now on all streaming platforms! 
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  • Celia Square
    Celia Square Seattle WA
    This young man is a creative genius.

    This young man is a creative genius.

  • Annise meeks
    Annise meeks Bowie, Maryland
    I’m very impressed.

    I’m very impressed.

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