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Written By Monte Hieke

The project “Restored” is a bewildering showcase of what artist Young Jyro (20) has to offer. It not only takes it up a notch in the artist’s catalogue but the fine tuning of his craft has been patented. Known for his melodic style this project sounds like a ballad of all things heartbreak, trap, and self preservation. “Restored” follows up after the two pack release “Life After Pain” as well as singles “Xpensive Drug Habits” and “Dark Knight”. This time around he gives us 9 tracks of sheer madness, expanding his range of producers throughout. There are 4 producers credited which consist of AD Beatz, Mob Career, CashOutKmoney, and of course Vilent Fergamo.

When the intro starts, Young Jyro keeps it in house with producer Vilent Fergamo, the artist reflects on his hard times with “Intro”, he also does this on bangers like “Broke Joke” and the highly recommended “10 Dollars”. These songs sounds like anthems, coming off like a natural reflex the way the artist executes his flow and charisma on the beats of these songs. There are also tracks where the artist double downs on his path to success like “Walking Legend”, “Temporary Life”, and “Too Fast”, where the artist has come to terms with the loneliness of being on the grind to something greater. He also takes time to address how short life is, letting go of the past, while refusing to ever look back. If that wasn’t enough, it just isn’t a Young Jyro project without taking you on a tour to the trap on tracks like “Hop In The Yo” & “Too Fast”. Though it’s only his second project, he has improved on his style tremendously.

Notable Lyrics & Tracks: 

Walking Legend: 

I’m a walking legend  

fake love got to stay from round me” 

I never trust a soul  

I got a couple poles they on me” 

I’m the sight they wanna see 

you can leave that n*gga 

don’t expect too much  

of love from me”  

You want a feat 

it won’t be cheap  

know I charge a lil fee” 

I just spent a rack in Neimens

Tiffany diamonds dancing” 

N*ggas talk sh*t but they really broke”  


Know I’m never lack in’ 

making noise and causing static” 

Broke Joke: 

I ain’t going back to the days  

I was broke” 

used to take me as a joke  

I’m on now 

got to make my momma proud  

for the days I made her cry now” 

See I’m winning  

don’t got spending limits  

ran up racks  

I did it” 

Thanking God  

every night  

made it home  

nobody got to cry today” 

I go to war for my brothers  

if they need me b*tch  

I’m finna slide”  

It’s my time”  

10 Dollars:  

I started off with 10 dollars  

I got it out the mud” 


Dream chaser tryna chase a mill 

walk up in the building 

you know that I got a steel” 

I’m the chosen one  

these n*ggas be my son 

I do this rap sh*t for fun 

but I get into it” 

Young rockstar n*gga 

worried bout a b*tch 

while I’m getting to the riches” 

I’m ready to kill anything in my way

Jyro has more than outdone himself with over 11,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone, the young star in the making is only getting better with each release. Young Jyro has a lot in store for us it appears, approaching each hurdle in his way, head on willing to go through trial and error which is made clear on the last track “Grind”. Overall the concept of the project appears to reflect a transition of being greater than what was, the artist nails this concept to the wall effectively. Young Jyro is known to have multiple releases, with this being delivered at the top of the year, one can only imagine what he has in store for us next. “Restored” is outstanding and it’s available now on all platforms!! Are you looking for something new? cohesive? something that’ll get you through a slump? Click on the links below!



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