A Change of Pocket

Written By Monte Hieke 

“Pocket Change” by Cloudy Nueve was recently released on December 30th, the first release after his passing. Pocket Change is released following the project “INSOMNIAK” which held favorites such as “Don’t Care About Me”, “Who’s Countin”, and of course “I’ll be Fine”. A project full that was filled with range and emotion. Cloudy Nueve garnered  

Well over 600,000 with a all time amount  of over 1,000,000 plays on SoundCloud, and ended his 2019 wrap up with over 400,000 plays on Spotify. The artist never shying away from his versatility being a jack of all trades, with lyrics and style, he really utilizes his melodies on track. Cloudy’s “Pocket Change” has a beat that’s instrument heavy and the mix of the two is a track that’s quite soulful.  

Cloudy Nueve gets vulnerable and honest, where the track feels therapeutic, though there are moments where the artist sounds displeased it’s far from a downer. Through whatever negativity there’s a overall tone of optimism, which is somewhat of a specialty for the artist. The melodic style delivered gives pure emotion and show’s his ability to create a vibe off the strength of his vocals. There is a pivotal moment where he takes a pause and just let’s the beat play, showing off his musical intelligence, he comes back into pocket seemingly at just the right time before giving the song a strong finish. This song is without a doubt worth the listen.  

Notable Lyrics:  

“Going so hard like I think that sh*t good for my health 

Now I ain’t gotta jugg for my wealth” 

“Everything I do irregular can’t never tell if it’s dreams” 

“It’s too much on my conscious  

I been going up now you can’t help but watch it.” 

“Only thing that changed is the change in my pocket 

Think I got the holy ghost how I’m chasing the profits”  

“Getting harder to believe I’m a last through the day  

But when I look in my pockets seems like all my friends passed away 

Tell me who have I needed before” 

This song being packed with the amount of layers it has, can only be looked at as a testament to just how much more he had to offer and had in store. Amongst his catalog he was a frequent collaborator with producer Bankroll Got It with notable songs being “FROM THE DURT”, “Slimey”, “POP MY SHIT”, and “DECLINE”, the young artist also had a series of projects with the title “Cloudy With A Chance” that really shows off his artistry. In wake of the artist’s passing an event is being held to honor him, his music, and his impact on January 19th at the Lincoln Theater. There is much to be heard, based on his social media accounts it has been hinted that we can expect more music to be released on behalf of the artist. Cloudy Nueve had star quality and it becomes more and more apparent in his music, if you still have your doubts or need something to get you moving listen to “Pocket Change” below along with the rest of his music! Also in case you’re interested in the upcoming event or Cloudy’s social media there will be separate links below.

Pocket Change





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