C.Shreve the Professor based in Boone, North Carolina is back with a new single titled All That I Feel with some wavy visuals captured by Andrew Anderson Films. Shreve is in full command showcasing his unique style as he takes us through the struggles and loneliness of the long road and fortitude required to make it as an artist. Along with production from long time collaborators Pat Junior and Andrew Anderson Films, he has created something magical. 

"Overlooked, underpaid, all I been makin is that lemonade 

Set up the stand, set up the merch, set up the thirst, we finna get paid 

Check out this verse, this ain’t a phase, I’m on a search, this ain’t a maze 

I been just thinkin above and just movin with love and I’m feelin the waves

All That I Feel is now available on all streaming platforms!

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