Dark Tunnel of Light

Written By Monte Hieke

JUSTOMOBBIN released his latest EP WRSMP which stands for “WISDOM RESPECT STRESS MONEY POWER” on Dec. 1st and it doesn’t fail to raise the bar when it comes to both authenticity and style. This project is a short but sweet roller coaster of emotions and relatable rhymes, delivering four songs. These songs aren’t necessarily for the faint of heart but they aren’t without a bright side either. The complexity of what you feel when in a funk, and how overcoming it doesn’t mean there isn’t more to conquer later on. Though the music will teach you that no one is perfect, take it a step at a time.

This release is following singles and projects with his unique style/sound. There’s a lot to unpack in this project like with the song Cricket where the artist talks about a call for help, that no one is there to answer. This song goes a step further when addressing the emotions that come with that, the will power and sadness that’s faced when feeling like you’re on your own. Following the strings of guitar and melodies that pull you in closer to what JUSTO has to say. A side from the vocals the elements surrounding them make you feel like you’re right beside the artist in all of his songs, feeling what he feels as he’s having a conversation with the listener.

The single from the EP titled “FROWN” set the tone sounding like an anthem to anyone who’s ever been doubted or disregarded. There are instruments throughout this project that could easily pass for a movie score, making the words being said even more powerful. The track “Sunlight in the Dark” is the dawn of the project giving a little light to go with some of the dark elements on the track. The sun finally comes down with this probably being the grungiest of the songs on the project “where is my son?” Where the artist sounds like he’s going to war with himself bouncing bars off the voice from within. Though the track marks the end of the ride it’s a strong finish as JUSTOMOBBIN flexes his versatility in this lyrical exercise.

Notable Lyrics & Songs: 


“I listen to my thoughts, in the dark they tryna get me”  

“Smith and Wesson to my dome POW! Do y’all see the vision?” 

“How tf I’m supposed to smile when my demons out to get me?”

“Somebody get the tissue please I swear I’m feeling shitty, I’m calling out for help, but all I hear is crickets”  


“I was 15 when my momma first told me this a cold world so listen very closely, fuck love, fuck those who ever doubted cause when the money comes watch how quick you get surrounded.” “I say turn the other cheek fuck’em we gone make’em frown”.  

Sunlight in the Dark 

“They don’t need a man but still looking for collateral cause when times get hard they still need a laugh or two” 

“I slipped up like I was running on banana peels” 

“I was born a bad baby like I’m one on one with Dr.Phil” 

“Fake it till you make it so I’m slidding in a rental Just jokes, you can smile if you want to, life is a game you just got to have some fun dude” 

Where is My Son?  

“I am the greatest, I know it takes some patience hard work and dedication face it  

I don’t give a f*ck” 

“What they want me to quit? That would be a sight to see”

“WRSMP” appears to be a scratch on the service to what JUSTOMOBBIN is capable of and that is evident through his versatility of his unique style. The four songs are a hearty appetizer for what’s to come! Download and stream “WRSMP” down below!! 


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