Don’t Know BBO?!!

Written By Monte Hieke

If you don’t know BBO which stands for Bad Bitches Only, GET TO KNOW THEM, the duo which have known each other for over 3 years consists of Baby K and LexFlex. They recently released visuals for the banger of a track “40s N Rugerz”! The track starts off with a hook that immediately hones in on the listener. This song from start to finish is infectious, making you want to hit replay after the first listen. The beat which has hard bass and helps the track live up to banger status is produced by SethInTheKitchen. 

Lex Flex(left) Baby K(right)  

Eye Catching Lyrics such as “I’m in the cut with my shooters, mac, dracos, got 40s & Rugers”, “you wasting my time, get kicked to the curve boy you got to go” ,and “stashing your body up under the pool pit”. The first to kick things off is Lex Flex who comes on the beat cocky as she rides the beat with ease, a rowdy yet fun, cool headed and aggressive verse with a superb flow which feels wholesome and iconic enough to leave you wanting more. After being locked in the hook once again, Baby K makes her presence felt as well, with a mixture of feisty and confident, shows you early she’s not to be slept on coming in with pure energy and lines that will stay stuck in your head. The two reach synchrony on this track but are like fire and ice finding ways to still add in attention grabbing talents that set them apart, whether that be energy or word play, this group sounds great together.  

Though still early in their career the group is breaking more than 70,000 streams on SoundCloud alone as well as looks from media outlets such as DJ Smallz Eyes and Fucious TV, the  duo is laying down the ground work to be an outstanding movement. 40s N Rugerz is just a glimpse into what the group is capable, other notable tracks such as “No More”, “FRAUDS”,  and “Lil Bitch” shines light on their versatility. BBO can give you grimy trap, bars, or a more vulnerable side depending on what they want to pull out of their arsenal. It’s easy to hear as well as see that based on the triple threat these aren’t the girls you want to mess with. Artists based out of Raleigh but not allowing that to hold them back, having shows in the area as well as making waves in Atlanta, the future is surely bright for BBO. Listening to “40s N Rugerz” on all streaming platforms or watch the video out now YouTube.

Instagram: @leeexflex @babykbabyy @therealbbo

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