F4rty or More!!!

Written By Monte Hieke 


F4rty Oz is a 24 year old artist from Raleigh, North Carolina who is creating a lane like no other. He came up with his name from  “obviously 1) drinking 40 Ounces quite often but 2) because I feel like the actual 40 Oz symbolizes so much history in the music, All the way back when trios were walking around singing , to break dancing on card board , and cyphers on the stoop. The real heart of hip hop, I wanted to be recognized by the older generation and mine”, he continues “the more unfortunate events I had to go through the more pain I had to put into my music and made me F4rty Oz”. The artist who states “ I have a wide variety of influences from dmx , Fabolous ,and jay z , to Xavier wolf , Kid Cudi , and Lil wop . I def appreciate all types of music”, has developed a sound unique to himself and you won’t find it anywhere else. F4rty Oz’s music is a Pandora’s Box with tracks that are aggressive and nightmarish, drugs, violence, anarchy, but can also be unique with unearthed melodic vibes, when asked about his music he says “my music I would describe it as my thoughts”. His music has quite the artistic range, though he always finds a way to bring it back to style we know and love.

The artist has well over 30,000 streams on SoundCloud alone as of April 2020, not one to underestimate, he makes it clear he’s here for the long run, releasing projects, rocking shows, and linking up with artist for a few notable features. While being a show starter on his own, F4rty has tracks with artists HU$$EL, JUSTOMOBBIN, Bhibba, and fellow Durty Bantai affiliate Cloudy Nueve. When asked what motivates him as an artist he says “fighting depression and striving for something to be happy for, Def gave me the motivation to keep going”, he elaborates “A lot of my friends kept pushing me to move forward because they saw something in me I didn’t”. The artist has released two projects, the first being “Demons” and the highly recommended recently released, “SS 40” which are both a display of skill as well as the many styles F4rty has at his disposal.

Notable Tracks & Lyrics: 

Famous Ft. Cloudy Nueve: 

I can’t never forget bout where I came from” 

My city getting hot it’s getting dangerous  

I can’t fall victim to the love” 

I been made a lot of money  

I done missed my flight” 

Tell me what you really want to know  

Cause I’m already running late for a show  

I been working on my patience on the low  

cause this pain in my eyes can’t disguise no more”  


I’m getting this cake 

I’m flipping and chopping the yay 

your girl is my top for the day  

Acknowledge her brain  

n*ggas get dropped everyday 

the block is so hot it ain’t safe” 

Shooting at heads  

ducking and dodging the feds” 

Supply and demand 

B*tch show me respect” 



smoking doja 93 (93 WHAT?!) 

Lost my prescription  

now I’m feeling like a feen (GANG GANG) 

pop me a perc 

and call my plug up for the lean” 

Too much stress got my eyes turning like a key” 

Counting stars like Lil Peep” 

Tell that n*gga pour a line or sum 

Took his pack like it was mine or sum 

hit the gas like I was driving sum” 

Drinking Syrup like Aunt Jemina”  

From Me, To You:  

Too many people depending on me 

I don’t know how much longer I can hold on” 

Tell me if you ever seen a demon” 

But my concern is why you not scared” 

He’s been there since the beginning” 

I’m foreign to the feeling  

I give it all just to lose it all  

I’m pretty numb to the killing

After the release of “SS40” which consists of tracks like “F4rty LOVES To HUSSEL” which features HU$$EL, “Punch Me In Pt. 2”, and “Up Late” which features Bhibba, it’s clear the artist has much more to give, appearing as the tip of the iceberg for what’s to come. When you listen to F4rty, on a conceptual level it’s very much like stumbling upon a new world, dark, but if you stick around you may find the beauty in it with tracks like “YOU” & “From Me, To You”, it’s almost euphoric as if what’s the day without a little night. Check out the latest from F4rty Oz down below! Though be warned, this is what rockstars are made of, its about to get awesomely dark!




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