Mash The Gas!!!

Written By Monte Hieke

The much anticipated collaboration of LesTheGenius & Cloudy Nueve was released at midnight of October 11th. The song starts with a spacey introduction met with a tag from Carolina’s own Pr0ducerR0b (social media: Thatshitsoundlikerob). Then a powerful hook with some lyrics being “people getting high to escape the lows now”, “when I’m feeling so alive it get hard to slow down”. The song which tackles the use of drugs and lows of transitioning towards success.  

(Social Media: @LesTheGenius)  

LesTheGenius gets into his bag with the verse containing lyrics like “N*ggas can’t make do, blame you/ you ain’t the same dude, ain’t true” “N*ggas will switch up the moment you on” The song will undoubtedly reassure you of your journey to the top of whatever you’re pursuing. You are smoothly navigated through the song by Lesthegenius and his unique sound. The song is then introduced to Cloudy Nueve’s bullseye of a feature. Cloudy who recently dropped a bombshell of a project “Cloudy With a Chance Pt. III” never disappointing with room for more. He delivers his guest verse with charisma and veteran like skill.  

(Social Media: @cloudyxnueve) 

The artist with lyrics such as “I was juggin outside freezing hands in my sleeve”/“n*ggas tell me worry bout me but I’ll be satisfied when all my n*ggas free”.  The two artists sound at home together, hopefully this won’t be the last time we these two collab! Are you on the grind? Need some motivation? Go listen to “Slow Down” on all streaming platforms. 

Slow Down Link

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