NC’s New Duo?!?!

Written By Monte Hieke 

NC’s Marlee Savage and Cloudy Nueve released on October 31st! The two are a match made in the trenches, both having a grimy sound respectively. Though it isn’t without wins and loses, the two make it clear that though they may be stuck in their ways, it’s from life lessons versus pure ignorance. This isn’t the usual mind numbing trap music, the young artists gave us a 4 track EP “MarleeNueve”. 

  (Marlee Savage) 

(Cloudy Nueve) 

MarleeNueve is the first track on the project, the beat makes you feel like you’re in the jungle with tigers and crocodiles. It could easily pass for a score in action or horror film, Marlee Savage starts us off with a verse bursting with energy with lyrics like  

“His girl say he a lazy a%# N*gga had to put a potato on that pistol” /“ If I take it it’s motherf*ckin mine, like a game I’m controlling her mind”. Though Cloudy never one to slouch comes in with energy that mirrors his partner in crime with notable lyrics. “I know half these n*ggas is Hypocrite I just say f*ck it cause that sh#t typical” / “Skipping classes I won’t that really into school, but I’m getting that bread from a teacher and that b#tch moving keys like Alicia”. The two have the chemistry of two different beasts from the same background but working together efficiently, when one strikes, the other is not too far behind, a dynamic style which may have inspired the cover art.  

(Photo taken by Broken Wings Media) 

“Plenty” the next track follows up strong with a banger from start to finish, their isn’t a single cool down on this track, the beat has flutes playing with hard hitting bass, Cloudy takes the charge on this track with lyrics “You can take that b*tch back I got plenty”/“I got my own bag cause they envy”/ “You got to watch the n*ggas around, seem to fold when they said they was down”. Then in his verse “They need the pack they attracted to Cloud, I flew out to the West now I’m sending them out.”  

These lyrics are only to name a few and they are far from what else the track has to offer, Cloudy has more than a few memorable lines in his verse. This time Marlee Savage has the follow up and he doesn’t shy away  with overwhelming presence, Marlee shows why he stands with any giant with lyrics like “Got to go Cali if you need the loud, I need the numbers like I need it now!” “Life be too good when you smoke out the pound, if you need more I can get it right now!”/ “got a glick wit a stick I can’t stop it, that lil b*tch sound like a band when it’s poppin...lil B*tch!!”.  

(Photo Taken By Jai Das Photography) 

The next to last “Remind Me” is a change of pace, slower but still packed with banger like quality. The beat is reminiscent of a UGK, Rick Ross, or a DJ Khaled in the 2000s. Though the two were completely comfortable and turned the best into their own, the two gives us a back and forth, with them being so compatible you would have thought the two were a group for years.  

A few lyrics that stand out are 


“This remind of some UGK sh*t sippin low get low the cops they can not chase me”  


“Every time I’m doing fine these n*ggas seem to hate it, see I’m just tryna feed my n*ggas dog and if you ain’t down to ride then don’t even get involved”  


“I don’t f*ck wit no leeches I stay on bleachers, cause I can see them watching!!  

The last track is “Drill” which is a anything goes exhibition of a track. The two attack the beat with what appears to be pure aggression. It’s as though the two had been holding back their aggressive side and let it all out for this track. The two beasts are now in full attack mode and no one is safe! Containing lyrics such as 


“November baby I’m a pilgrim, crossbow at his neck...DISMISS HIM”.  

“I evict your heart like you got 30 days”  

“I don’t really got out my mind but when I do I still move discreet”  


“I give him a slug and he flat” 

“You n*gga ain’t nothin but rap, I mean sh*t I’m just keeping it facts”. 

“I got hoes on they knees like a séance” 

“Keep on sleeping just know that I’m s****** try to run I’m a blow out his back” 

It’s clear from this collaborative effort these two are nothing less than stars with talent that packs more than a few punches. MarleeNueve sets a standard for collaborative projects, the two artists mix together like salt and pepper, being able to do no wrong on this project. If you’re looking for really good music, this would be a great listen! MarleeNueve is out now on Apple Music and Spotify! Hit the links below!

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Social Media: @Marlee_Savage @CloudyxNueve


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