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Written By Monte Hieke 

Artist YoungJyro drops a banger of a track “Kaitlyn No” which features Frequent collaborator YPG(Sm/@whoisypg), together going under the name “BadGhettoKids”. The 19 year old artist takes you on a trip over piano keys and a hard hitting base as he continues his hustle through music while balancing his love interest. The future seems bright for this upcoming artists. Through controversy over his name and apparent “beef” in the area. Young Jyro uses the negativity to fuel his passion for music. The song detailing his struggles as well as his triumphs it’s both a song of reflection and motivation. When asked what message he would like listeners to get from his music he said “Dont let a situation bring you down because its only temporary and for the better, Everything happens for a reason”. Young Jyro who’s been working on music a year and half has the confidence and cadence of a well seasoned artist! If you need to get through a tough time give this song a listen, the artist has been consistently building up to a catalogue and has a sound selection of music to go through. The song “Kaitlyn No” amongst other songs like “Rockstar Dreams”, and “Coolin Kit”that showcase his talent are available on Apple Music as well as Spotify.

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