After the eclectic mixtape "The Life of Kanye Breast" that left her fans craving more, Po thePop Diva is back at it again. This time she is reborn into Griselda Blanc Po on this honest, gritty and demonstrative solo album. Po thePopDiva couples the refined production of her cohort, JuztBronson, with her reputable word play and memorable hooks. The production encompasses features from artists such as Yoshivelli and Lbeatz providing a diversified palate of melodies. Po thePopDiva boasts a progressive flow with her electric energy leaving her insatiable fans or "luvrs" as fiends anticipating the next track. The biting lyrics of Sherwin Williams juxtapose to the contemplative tone of Peptalk and the multifaceted nature of the human experience. The album offers a voyeuristic journey into the mind of a self-made, cutthroat diva successfully paying homage to the namesake of  "Griselda Blanc Po: the Solo Album". This project solidifies Po thePopDiva's imminent position at the top and foreshadows her single handed and ruthless monopolization of the rap game as "the Godmother". Look for her on all streaming services and social media.

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