So Fresh and so...Dirty?!

Written By Monte Hieke

GUCCISEATBELTS releases new music with his EP “GUCCI 2DIRTYY DA EP”. The Carolina based artist who started making waves with his song “DOUBLE CUP” is continuing with a sound that can be described as a horror core and sometimes grimy style of rap. The project features 5 songs produced by 2DIRTYY, a producer who has done work artists such as Stunna 4 Vegas, Lil Keed, and MoneyMarr to name a few. The artist has been releasing music back to back after what seemed to be a Hiatus, notable songs leading up to the project “GEEK’D UP”, “MAS O MENOS, “WYA”, “BIG GUCCI DOLAN”, based off those tracks alone it’s safe to say that GUCCISEATBELTS hasn’t missed a beat. He comes back with a vengeance, his craft being a sharpened blade after the release of songs along with a playlist containing two songs with produce Dolan Beatz a star studded producer who has worked with the likes of Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage, Chief Keef, Q Da Fool, and Lil Yachty.  

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The first song on the EP “NOT WORRIED” which begins with a spacey beat followed up by piano keys prepping you for GUCCI’s calm yet aggressive vocals. The track contains a energy and cadence that has not yet been tapped in music. A few lyrics like “I’m looking at him...he look worried, and I’m shipping them packs in a hurry, and you gonna rob who? I ain’t worried..”/“I hopped in the streets with a purpose”. The track is short and to the point, the opening track is a calm before the storm.  

“TAKE IT” The second song on the EP is where Gucci is carrying you with his no holds barred gritty nightmare like style, holding your attention with the hook carrying lyrics such as “I came from the bottom just like a basement, I had trials and tribulations had to face it” as well as “I stay with the blues like a smooth Jazz man” not to give too much away but it’s a “smooth” transition to the next track to say the least.  

GET IN DERE” is the next track and The artist gets in his pocket which sounds like GUCCISEATBELTS is just having his way with the beat, the consistency on this track is undeniable, the track itself sounds like a hard hitting b side track, nothing too flashy just a show of pure skill and execution. A few notable lyrics are “My b*tch gone hit yours with a strap on”  I’m the type to like to pick a bone, and address me as king I’m on throne”.  

“KLIP” Is a iconic banger “I’m bout to bust a klip, no beyblade I’m a let it rip” as the beat is being relentlessly attacked. The Adlibs are both unique and perfectly timed. In the introduction of the song you can hear a knocking on the door, and GUCCI is certainly at your door with hard hitting base and a bag full of horrors. If you were calm before you will definitely be sprung with energy when hearing this track. The self proclaimed “YOUNG ACTIVE N ATTRACTIVE” artist is talking his talk on this one with lyrics like “cookies in my blunt no chocolate chip”/“smoking up in a Lyft”/“your music is trash you need to quit!”.  

The final track is titled “MALIK ABU” named after the professional basketball player, “that’s my brother”. The energy is continued giving you no time to relax “He feeling gangsta! He feel like a man today”. The song is easily remembered from start to finish “I was up on the block like I’m in the paint, had to cut it out for my momma sake” as always though the music may be perceived as aggressive there is always a message here and there from the artist.  Other lyrics like “N*ggas don’t know me from a can of paint” distancing himself from over friendly artists, there are zero features on this project and this may be a possible nod to that, the song continues to have gutta like themes following up with”I slam dunk on a b*tch Malik Abu” /“ Pop a perc but pop two, and then eat up the flow they addicted to”. The song is a stand alone hit finishing deadly and wanting more by the end of it all!  
GUCCI 2DIRTYY is a superior effort and it doesn’t cut corners. The beats are consistent and so is GUCCI’s flow, the cadence, rhyme scheme, and adlibs are all foreign to what you may be programmed to, safe to say it’s unique and original. The Project feels authentic to who the artist really is, refusing to disappoint. It won’t matter what kind of say you’re having or where you are, once you play this project you will enter the the world of GUCCISEATBELTS. It’s a dark amusement park with scary themes but invigorating rides. You will have a good time but this isn’t a tape for those who scare easy. The project has shown the artists is in his own lane that possibly few could pull off, but you better bring your A-Game because the artists has honed his craft. If you’re looking for something refreshing and original this is the project to listen to “GUCCI 2DIRTYY DA EP”



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