The Big Step!!

Written By Monte Hieke 

Artist Luh Bri releases the music video for the heart stopper of a track “Big Steppa”. The video was posted on Dec. 18th after giving a snippet back in October, she delivers to us the much buzzed about track before the holidays. Luh Bri originally from Mount Gilead, North Carolina began making waves at the age of 16 with the track “Boot Up”. Now 18, the artist has been releasing monster track after monster track with “Poppin My Sh*t”, “Turn Me Up”, and “Talk About” ft. Big Mali. The artist is toping off the end of the year with a bang!

Social Media: @reallulbri_

“Turn your h*e to a real big stepper ,We stick together like we salt and pepper” the artist chants, with a rapid fire beat, Luh Bri keeps pace with ease, the song being a flare of raw energy and charisma. The track stamps Luh Bri as a force to be reckoned with. “Yo n*gga a b*tch we call’em Vanessa”/“I got the ball it’s stuck in my court, Dunk on these n*ggas like I’m Michael Jordan”  with an aggressive sound and aggressive bars “Big Steppa is sure to make you rock. The beat hits hard and Luh Bri hits harder, eating the track like there’s something to prove. This artist is hungry and ready, getting in her way could be a problem.

The song continues without the artist letting up “Queen of the Jungle I beat on my chest Test my apes and we gone make a mess/“Slide wit some hitters who dropping them hits”. It would be wise to keep your eyes wide open for Luh Bri, because when this  “Lil Ape” beats on her chest you won’t know what hit you. The artist has been teasing a lot of unreleased music, it’s clear she has a lot more in the vault to give. Though for now we have this banger  to hold us for what’s to come next! If you haven’t already, check out the video below!! You won’t regret it!

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