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Written By Monte Hieke 

JUIC3BOY releases a much anticipated EP LOST FOR LOVE. The 5 track EP is a mixture of Neo Soul and it’s parent genre, contemporary R&B. The Canadian based artist pulls no punches with this project, giving you feels that will shake you to your core. JUIC3BOY put his heart out for everyone to hear, being honest with himself and the listeners. 

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The first track on the project is “Irreplaceable”, which is a song where the artist is fighting to get the love of his life back “girl you’re irreplaceable and I want to let you know you’re the one I still adore cause you’re all that I’m yearning for”. The catchy song is smooth and rhythmic to say the least, you can feel the conviction in his feelings along with his urgency to get back that love.While it does set a strong tone it won’t be the only highlight of the project.  

“Call on Me” The second track, that follows up perfect from the first, the beat picks up the pace on this and JUIC3BOY doesn’t lose his mark with lyrics like “Call on me Baby, I’ll do anything for you, if you riding for me” “I’ll be the guy that you been praying to the lord for”. This is a monster of a track as well as an anthem.  

The third Track “Habibti’s Heartbreak” features Soji Joseph, the only feature on the project. It starts with a verse from Soji who describes being interested in someone with a different religious belief.  Soji being a guess appearance makes his self at home, not sounding out of place at all on this track. The song itself describes wanting to be with someone who’s playing games or lacking commitment. “Stop playing games we can’t go on doing these  things” “wasted all my love for you to make me happy” JUIC3BOY continues to describe the confusion and struggle to be with this love interest despite differences and complications. 

The next song being “Ready or Not?” Slows things down a bit. “I ain’t trying to wait a long time” “you know my intentions” “baby are you ready or not?”. Yet another cohesive follow where the last track talks about mixed signals and intentions, here is a track that gets track to the point. Vividly through song expressing the emotions of no longer wanting to beat around the bush, but being in a commitment. The artist does a great job of distinctly providing his  perspective on the matter in a relatable way.  

“B.O.M.O” is the last but no where close to being least. In some cases it’s expected for some artist to put a throwaway or something minor at the end of their project but this isn’t the case here. “Better On My Own” is a track that puts the finishing touch on what has been an emotional rollercoaster of a EP. As the title suggest after facing ups and downs, the artist brings it full circle with a song about being better on your own. It’s a bit of a mixture of every element you’ve heard so far, executing in cohesiveness.  

LOST FOR LOVE is a soulful project with a consistent sound. A boring moment is without a doubt nonexistent, every track sounding single worthy. The artist outdoes himself in every song. Stream LOST FOR LOVE now available on every platform it’s worth the listen. 

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