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Written By Monte Hieke


North Carolina’s own Steezie has dropped his project “Dynamite” the artist who’s originally from Zimbabwe, gives us a cohesive body of work that effectively set Steezie apart from the crowd. Which shouldn’t be a surprise, having his hand in engineering, and production throughout majority of the project. The jack of all trades who has been doing music for 10 years has stated “I feel reborn, I feel new”, and it feels that way, this project is extremely energy driven. There isn’t a track where you don’t feel every word that Steezie is saying.  

The 12 track project has eye catching features from Sangastaa, Spaceman Stu, Jonna’s Aura, Four, Woosy, Jondacom, King Roheuax, and Marco Luka as well as bangers left and right. To name a few the project starts with a song under the same name as the project “DYNAMITE” which sounds as if you’ve entered a stratosphere, Steezie hits the ground running with this track that’s infectious with its vibe and easy going spacey production. Though the beat may be easy going it’s spacey sound meets with Steezie who makes the beat all the more enjoyable. Dynamite is nothing short of single quality, and a great introduction to the project.  

The second track “DISTANT” which features Sangstaa is a song about the strain of relations vs ambition, Steezie is really laying down his emotions unapologetically on this track which is backed up with a rapid fire verse from Sangstaa, with a mixture of R&B and Trap the two mix together like a dynamic duo of mixed genres. Though the song is a change of pace in topic, it doesn’t change the overall vibe that the project has to offer.  

Other tracks such as IDOYS, NYMPHO, and OFF THE METER a track that features a hard hitting verse from Spaceman Stu are all songs that are guaranteed to make your head nod. Though the songs could all be considered a smash, Steezie gives us some bars too. In particular the track ATTITUDE, you hear more from this artist’s arsenal, giving us a showcase of his lyricism and ability to flow. The different flows he demonstrates throughout this creative effort shows just how versatile the artist is, like a chameleon blending into it’s background, the different genres and styles won’t make you feel out of place on Dynamite.  

In other cuts, there are songs such as RAIN INTERLUDE, HOW I’M FEELING, and OPTIONS. Where DYNAMITE makes you feel like you’ve entered the stratosphere, on these tracks it’s as if you’re on another planet. Sonically putting you in a trance, the melodies, and sounds you hear home in on you in a way that’s both memorable and refreshing to say the least. This is pure album quality music, pinning Steezie in a upper class level of artistry. If you’re looking for something different, Steezie’s Dynamite project brings innovation and creative sounds you won’t find anywhere else. Go give it a listen!! Dynamite is now available on all streaming platforms.

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