What’s a Couple Thousand?!


Written By Monte Hieke

August 21st, 2019 wasn’t the first show for some of the members of Couple Thousand (CT) but it was a impactful one. Couple Thousand Summers managed to have a venue packed and ready for a show, and that’s what was delivered...but who and what is Couple Thousand? The what, would be a movement that was started by frontman D1G CoupleThousand alongside Raheem and Dezzi, this way of life consists of being a family, not leeching, or clout chasing but putting in the work to do whatever you’re trying to do with the open arms to support others. 

(D1G, Founder, Age 19, Social Media/@D1GCoupleThousand, Born in Florida, growing up in Broward County) As of October 1, 2019 D1G Couple Thousand has over 90,000 streams on Sound Cloud.  

Things such as race, or social relevance has nothing to do with being apart of the movement, it solely has to do with working hard to accomplish your goals. The underline theme is working together and lifting each other up. A few Couple Thousand members include D1G Couple Thousand, Dezzi, Los, 4orty Thoux Fountain, Raheem, Fendi, Lil Bobby, Rich Sole 4200, Clip, Yungwop and this is just to name a few of the collective. Though all of the core members do not make music, the bond isn’t anything less amongst the movement. The majority of the members know one another from High School, would come together to follow this movement in order become a system. The movement got started about two and a half, plus, years ago where D1G Couple Thousand was “chanting it (Couple Thousand) like my life depended on it”. Around this time the core founder of the movement D1G would freestyle and make songs from his phone that would reach about 1,000 plays at that time.  

As he went on to record in the studio he would begin to see the lifestyle of being an artist. He saw the likes of Bass Santanna and Flyboy. Watching their process and to see how much fun it was he would begin to take rap more seriously “I was literally just freestyling everyday and I realized I had a talent for it, I got to turn these freestyles into money because I got it”. This leading him on his path, D1G CoupleThousand thought of his name from taking D from his nickname DJ and adding 1-G, though it was his friend Raheem (another core member of the movement) who thought to add Couple Thousand. During this time he would add followers to Couple Thousand, one of the first artists being Fend!. “Couple Thousand was me & Fend! Working and grinding, going to 4orty everyday!” -D1G 

(Left to right: D1G CoupleThousand, Fend!) 

Fend! Who would live in Florida for a time as well, moved to NC about 7 years ago. Fend! was fueled to do music when he realized he had a good ear for music. Though he didn’t seriously start pursuing it until the passing of his older brother. His upbringing was no where close to easy, though Fend! continues on, while stating his passion for music also “I just want my momma to be straight.” While in high school he would meet D1G, watching him make music and putting in work for his aspirations, “I saw what he was doing and I respected it”. The two got along well and would continue to bond when eventually making music. Fend! Sights that working with Pr0ducer Rob at LMG studio (now Oak City Studio), as well as seeing the success of Lo$t Generation and Cloudy Nueve has played a part in his motivation to succeed. “I think what they do is hard! Like the music is hard, they’re not playing with this sh*t”. We can look forward to an album from the young artists where we can expect new sounds which are inspiring and all around good music.  

(Fendi: Age 18, Social Media/ @Fendiwatergun ,originally from Florida)Fendi sometimes stylized as Fend! As of October 1, 2019 has over 36,000 streams on SoundCloud.  

(4orty Thoux Fountain or 4orty for short, Age 17, Social Media/ @4ortythoux) 4orty Thoux Fountain or just 4orty has been able to work with some of NC’s heavy hitters, Dylvinci as well as having unleashed music with Cloudy Nueve and The Lo$t Generation’s Jaheal.  

“4orty is kind of like the glue, he does a good job of keeping us all together”- Lil Bobby. The trio would go on to make tracks like “F*ck The Ops”, “Flash”, and “Envy Me”. These tracks together come up to about 68,000 plays as of October 1, 2019. 4orty is originally from Cary but explains he’s moved around North Carolina a few times. Growing up “we weren’t in the nicest house, but... affordable”. From being around farm life to a trailer and also living in Louisburg, NC. He gives a lot of credit to his culture in Henderson. 4orty explains it can be really grimey or a lot of hospitality depending on where you go in the area. Though he eventually moved to Wake Forest in 2010. The young artist would start making music at 13 and composing music at 15. What sparked his passion to do music was listening to electronic music in the 7th grade which made him wonder how the sounds were being made. At some point he would begin working with D1G and would become apart of Couple Thousand. “ I wasn’t around when it started, but I met Fend! my junior year and now we’re here.” 4orty produces or has produced for majority of Couple Thousand. While also wearing the hats of engineer and businessman. 4orty was with Lil Bobby when they were making the decision to throw a show.  After doing some research the two met up with a venue owner to secure a show date. 4orty making the connections and sealing the deals, while Lil Bobby acted as back up as well as business partner.  

(Lil Bobby: Age 18, Social Media/@_.lil_bobby._ Originally from Raleigh North Carolina) 

Lil Bobby is still very early on in the music scene but has been able to throw his own show and has shown great potential in his music. This show is another example and it’s safe to say this won’t be the last. Lil Bobby is 18 years old and has been making music since September of last year. When asked what made him want to pursue music he said “I don’t really know, something told me to do music, I wanted to be more than a black kid from the projects.” He would also add “growing up was pretty rough, but it could always be worse”.  

(Left to Right: 4orty Thoux Fountain,Clip,Lil Bobby)  

Lil Bobby would be exposed to negativity due to his surroundings growing up and took it upon his self to rise above. To the extent of arranging for him and his friends to perform at a pool party when he started making music. “I told her{the person throwing the pool party} you should let me and my people perform”. Lil Bobby’s resolve to succeed seems to be what dreams are made of. He continues to develop his sound to be “more than a SoundCloud rapper”, and he strives  to prove that. Notable songs like “F*ck it up”, “238”, & “Doc Mcstuffins”.  

(Clip: Age 17, Originally from Raleigh, North Carolina) Clip has been making music since 2017 but as of October 2019 has been streamed over 40,000 times on SoundCloud.  

The members of the movement want to make it very clear that this is not a rap group but a family and way of life. The collective would go on to rock their show with their cohorts showing their hard work “we had nothing but a name, we built from there”- Fend!.  

(Left to Right: Lil Bobby, Clip, Yungwop) Yungwop, 19 years old, as of October 1, 2019 has been streamed over 70,000 times on SoundCloud. Though recently his account and music was taken down, he continues to release music on his new account. (Social Media: @yungwop) 

Amongst the performers was Raleigh native Yungwop. Yungwop when ask how he became apart of (CT) he said “Honestly bro me and D1G go back, Bruh was showing me his music in class  I used to listen to his music in class  We started kicking it and making music together.” Yungwop was eager to perform saying “It was awesome I could do this for the rest of my life”. The artist who’s been rapping since 11 but has been making music since the 11th grade would go on to rock the stage along with his brothers. “We’re all our own people but come together as one”. 

Couple Thousand intends to keep going strong after a successful show, with plans for many more down the line. It’s also been said that a Album may come from the collective soon. Though the collective is full of different sounds and background but pack one heck of a punch together. They have one show down in the books with much more in store for the future. That only pegs the question, what are obstacles to a Couple Thousand? Stay in tune as they show and prove!  

Music Links below!  

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