Xpensive Vices

Written By Monte Hieke  

Wake Forest, NC artist Young Jyro alongside producer Vilent Fergamo release a new track entitled “Xpensive Drug Habits” and it’s a vibe you can’t shake. This release is following the EP “Life After Pain” and his appearance on the track “Walk” by Bray 4K. The artist continues his charge of his original style and cadence. Young Jyro started making waves with tracks “Coolin Kit”, “Trifling”, and “Rockstar Dreams”. The track “Xpensive Drug Habits” is produced by upcoming producer Vilent Fergamo, the two worked together on two projects prior to this release, working together like tooth and nail on releases.Young Jyro, known for his melodic and at times vocally aggressive style, the artist takes time to address subjects of drugs, pain, mental trauma, and the struggle.

Notable Lyrics: 

“Got expensive drug habits 

I been working like an addict  

Walk in the bank 

I’m a walk out with 100 racks 

I’m speaking b*tch  

It’s Fendi Facts”  

“Dropped out of school needed money had to hit the trap”  

“You could never feel my pain 

B*tch I’m stuck up in my ways  

Had to cut off hella n*ggas 

They was getting in the way”  

“ they jealous cause I ain’t the same  

But F*ck them boys they want some fame” 

“had demons in my head 

I got voices in my head

I’m tossing, turning in my bed”

Young Jyro & Vilent Fergamo have executed a style that sounds developed and formulated down to a science. The consistency doesn’t appear hit or miss, there’s a pocket the two have found and this track speaks to that in its latest form. This is one of those tracks that feels good and makes you want to get up and move. The artist has hinted at multiply tracks and projects on the way via social media, but we can only wait to see what happens for now. In the mean time we have this fire new tracks from the duo, check out “Xpensive Drug Habits” along with other related thinks down below! 



Young Jyro

Vilent Fergamo

Life After Pain



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